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Toni Childs concert review

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It should be mentioned that Mr and Mrs GOF enjoy attending music concerts several times each year, and do not often find need to complain.
We appreciate that international quality entertainers only occasionally visit our neck of the woods, and we like to lend our support.

This one was an exercise of endurance and suffering.
In short it was the most appalling unprofessional event we have ever has the misfortune to witness and pay for.
Firstly the venue was 40 minutes late opening its doors, then the usher staff were confused at the seat numbering system, and the concert began before most people could get in.  
No great shame.  
We suffered with an hour of ageing paunchy Aussie rocker Richard Clapton accompanied on stage by at least 1 bottle of beer from which he found regular need to refresh himself, even mid-way through some of his raucous super amplified exhibitions of vocal inadequacy.
Now I am as athiest as almost anyone could be, but I defend the right of Christian patrons not to have to put up with blasphemous banter when they have paid $100 to be entertained by music.

Next, Toni Childs.  My worlds most powerful, unique, emotional, beautiful voice utterly spoiled and distorted by gross over-amplification and drowned out by the imbalance of guitars and drums over the vocal performance.  Ms Childs also during her minimal 35 minute performance had to consult with her drummer on 3 occasions to find out what song she was supposed to sing next.  Not good enough.  Nowhere near good enough.

The most pleasant part of the evening was watching 10 roadies rearrange the furniture and entertain us with spurts of electronic feedback for 35 minutes prior to the appearance of the main event…..Jackson Browne….. I am unable to provide a review of his complete performance, for Mrs GOF and I decided to have more respect for our hearing, and left the scene of the fiasco following his third over-decibellage offering.

None of the performers were introduced to the audience in the normal time-honoured tradition of live music.  They just anonymously ambled in from the shadows and began assaulted our eardrums.

Worst concert I have ever had the misfortune to pay $100 to attend.
Cairns Convention Centre should be ashamed of its unprofessionalism and stick to hosting basketball games and tax-minimising talk-fests for lawyers, doctors and corporate high fliers.

 Now I'm going back to bed to let my eardrums recover.

Perhaps when I wake up I will discover it was all just a bad dream.

PS…  late addition for anyone who would like to hear how she really sings, here she is with Many rivers to cross

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Toni Childs concert

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Only 3 sleeps to go.

Tomorrow it will only be two.    🙂

S l o w   d o w n   t h e   e x c i t e m e n t  o l d  f e l l a.
L i m i t e d  n u m b e r  o f   h e a r t b e a t s  l e f t.
R a t i o n   e m.   

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I’ve found Toni Childs……Woohoo!!!

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The original question

The answer;

Jackson Browne has lined up Tim Freedman, Richard Clapton and Toni Childs for his forthcoming Australian tour.

This will be Browne’s first tour of Australia in five years and comes off the back off his first studio album in 6 years, ‘Time The Conqueror’.

I have the tickets!!!!

23 sleeps to go!  🙂

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