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Oddities of nature

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There are some Voodoo Lilies, (Amorphophallus bulbifer) growing in our garden.
They are native plants from the Indian subcontinent.
One member of the genus, (A. titanum) has the world's largest inflorescence.  A flower 2 metres high and more than 1 metre wide.

The flower spike emerges from the ground following dormancy and, after opening, the flower needs to be pollinated by insects within 24 hours.  It attracts them by generating an appalling stench of rotting flesh.

These photos were taken over a 4 week time frame.

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Botanica …….Spring is here

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New frond emerging from a New Guinea Cyathea spp.

Bromeliads are beautiful.

With a very handsome new season unopened pitcher.

Another bromeliad (probably var Costa Rica)

This is the first sign the rainforest gives me every year that winter is over.  A colonising species on the edge of the forest is the first to send out new white shoots which gradually change to green.

I love springtime.  For me, Winter is tedious and nothing grows.
This year has been by far the warmest winter in the 26 years we have been here.  Coincidence?

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