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Just farnarkling

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The word "farnarkling" has become firmly entrenched in the GOF family lexicon.  From the verb "to farnarkle" it was coined in Australia back in the days when television pictures only came in black and white.
It means to waste time, fart around, or otherwise indulge in an unproductive occupation.

For a brief time it was frivolously redeployed as the name for a team sport where underwear was worn on the outside of normal clothing.  This was however only a temporary perversion of its true etymology.

When Globet was born I tried my very best to ensure "farnarkle" was the very first word she would annunciate to the world.  It was not to be.  She was a miserable failure in that regard, merely siding with the masses by uttering something predictable like "mama" or "ice cream" through the dribble and bubbles.

A word which rolls so beautifully off the tongue obviously deserves wider promulgation.  
This is why I am placing it before my intelligent and discerning readership.  It is a word which, among many applications, also elegantly and succinctly describes the process of blogging.  Are we not, every single one of us, simply farnarkling.  Could we not be doing something more useful with our lives?
I mean, for heavens sake, right at this moment you are reading an epistle of drivel penned by some odd dude called GOF.  And I have spent a lot of potentially productive time writing this rubbish.
I rest my case m'lud.

In an attempt to introduce farnarkling to a level of International acceptance I have taken the liberty of drafting an amendment to the Greenpeace Constitution Clause 7 item (d).

" Our Organisation will cease to farnarkle with the Japanese whaling fleet by indulging in such farnarkling activities as throwing abuse and paint bombs.
We are deeply indebted to Mr GOF of Australia who has manufactured for us a very large harpoon equipped with a small but adequate explosive device sufficient to promptly relocate one whaling mother ship to the floor of the ocean.
This one simple action will effectively and promptly terminate all illegal commercial-whaling-in-the-name- of-research activities.
We need not be concerned at ramifications from International Courts of Law who have reputations for ineffectiveness and farnarkling second to none.  No legal decision against us will be made for at least 50 years, by which time whale populations will have returned to normal, and populous pods of them will be happily farnarkling in the oceans of the world. "

And who said blogging can't change our planet?

So, my friends, go forth and farnarkle.

I think I might just go forth and seek some psychiatric help.

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