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Research funding

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Scholars and intellectuals involved in the study of unusual subjects often have difficulty accessing sufficient funds and resources to complete their programs of research.

Yesterday on the “Australia all Over” radio program one such Australian gentleman phoned-in from Brazil where he was on a self-funded jaunt studying the behaviour of  Brazilian Stingless Bees.

I immediately felt his financial pain.

For 37 years I have been looking for a generous benefactor to sponsor me and pay my airfare every February to Rio De Janiero so that I can collect additional data and make observations for my own special-interest Brazilian research project.

“The effect caused by the annual Rio Carnivale on the Gross National Product of Brazil.”

Sadly neither cash nor vouchers have been forthcoming from the Government or Qantas Airlines, our national carrier.
My seventy three “Applications for Scientific Grant or Bursary”  lodged with Australia’s most distinguished seats of learning were neither acknowledged or approved.

Accordingly, I’ve just clocked up thirty seven years of selfless unfunded sacrifice collecting information to broaden the knowledge base of humanity.

In the spirit of scientific generosity I am attaching at the end of this article four files containing my most recent findings which should substantially illustrate the current advanced stage of my research.

There was a time in my younger life when I possessed competence in designing scientific experiments, collecting and collating data obtained from them and finally calculating the statistical significance value “p” from that data.

I also once upon a time knew how to present my findings in a format suitable for publication in scientific journals.

These days I just can’t remember, and wouldn’t know what to do with them at all;

Even if they just suddenly fell into my lap.









Findings #1

Findings #2

Findings #3

Findings #4