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Ophelia’s shoes

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Sadness warning.
(Based on a true story which touched my heart.)

Ophelia was an infant star
In a town I’ll leave unknown.
Her flaxen hair and impish smile
Melted hearts made out of stone.
The cake with candles three on top
Was iced in rainbow hues.
It’s party time: “Mama please,
Put on my nice pink shoes.”


Ophelia ballerina,
At the age of just sixteen
Was invited to audition
And debut as the Swan Queen.
Through pain there came perfection.
She surely paid her dues,
And when the big night came,
She put on her nice pink shoes.


Ophelia shared her life and love
With Maree, a dancer too.
This passionate affection
Was known only by a few.
Unofficially they married
In a bar that played the blues,
And Ophelia and Maree
Both wore their nice pink shoes.


One year on: Maree was killed
While texting at the wheel.
Ophelia has a shattered spine
And legs that cannot feel.
Wheelchair bound she sits all day
By windows with some views.
With broken soul: “Mama please
Put on my nice pink shoes.”




Vale Nelson

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Chief of Homeland Security.
Loyal protector of Inga, Mrs GOF and GOF.  (in that order of priority)
Feral pig annoyer.
Poisonous snake killer.
Respectful admirer of pythons and carpet snakes.
Coconut dehusker.
Silent fart manufacturer.

Passed away peacefully surrounded by family on 20 July, and is now at peace with Calli, Molly and Rosie.

No comments by request……instead please give a moment of appreciation and affection to your pet.

Thank you.

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