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A useful purpose

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This is my Maori weapon from New Zealand, a patu or mere, traditionally used to stave in the skulls of enemies, some juvenile delinquents, and presumably any irritating little turd who popped his head up at an inopportune moment.

A very useful purpose indeed.

My traditional patu is made from very dense wood shaped by a traditional band saw, engraved using a traditional industrial wood stamping machine before being finished off with three coats of traditional petro-chemical varnish applied through a traditional air-powered paint gun.

I inherited my patu following my mums death 23 years ago. Since then it has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust. A little like me really.

Neither of us have a purpose. Until…….

until……I remembered my all-time favourite comedy sketch featuring Rowan Atkinson.

Sunday I will be purposefully taking my patu into the city.

There is a great deal of work which needs to be done.



A gift for Globet

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(The attached little comedy sketch is specially for Globet, and for anyone else whose week has also not been entirely filled with sunshine.)

Glob, if one day Old Gof comes to stay for a while, then invites our mutual septuagenarian Vox friend/resident philosopher to visit, the conversation you witness across your dining room table may, on occasions, perhaps go a little bit like this;

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