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Thankfully we got rid of most forms of censorship in Australia, but that does not give adults the right to behave in a manner which is prejudicial to maintaining an environment of innocence for our children.  
Warning;   This story necessarily contains one tasteless sexual reference.


Wicked Campervans began operating in Cairns a long time ago hiring affordable wheels, primarily to young backpackers. For many years I was wholesomely entertained by the passing parade of witty slogans and eye-catching paintings on their vans. Proclamations such as “A baby ate my dingo” and “Virginity is curable” still make me smile.

In recent times the slogans have became increasingly crude, sexist and misogynous accompanied by sexually explicit illustrations. I will spare you the worst of them which graphically demean women and sexuality. We’re not talking bumper stickers here…..this is stuff most people can read from 50 paces, and myopic GOF from ten.

The proprietors of Wicked have been thumbing their noses at complaints from locals, and authorities failed to intervene as it seems motor vehicles are exempt from scrutiny or regulation under any Australian public decency or advertising standards legislation.

It required a courageous eleven year old girl from interstate to stop the rot. She was offended by the prominent tailboard slogan “In any princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once” and initiated a media campaign which received a tidal wave of support from around the nation.

The company has now been forced to back down and apologise and begin the huge task of erasing offensive material from dozens of their vans.

I am left wondering why all the responsible adults sat on their hands while Wicked sped so far out of control leaving one little girl to deploy the metaphorical spike mat which finally brought the vulgarity to a halt.


The National Geographic Syndrome

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(Ed;  GOF continues with his lonely crusade….just ignore him, sooner
 or later he'll go away and annoy someone else)

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has some antiquated and confusing regulations concerning the display of anatomy on prime time television.

The following recent example is not an isolated incident.

Please peruse, if you will be so kind, the following two pictures and try to decide which one is more morally objectionable.
(Gentlemen, I understand you may have to systematically revisit each picture before you come up with any sort of reasonable answer.)

The ACMA has apparently made it's own wise judgement.
Australian television can freely show uncensored black breasts as a part of National Geographic, or Aboriginal Affairs style documentary programs, whereas white boobs popping up, or indeed out, or anywhich way including loose in other programs, are required to be blurred by pixellation to the extent where even my determined squinting is unable to return them to their pre-censored attractiveness.

So what is the deal?   Why such inequality?

Do white womens breasts have some unique quality which is likely to drive the men of Australia into an immediate frenzy of lustful lascivious lecherism and pollute the minds of minors?  Do they have some sort of superior power of influence absent in those of their black sisters?  

And where does the Authority stand with women of mixed race?
Could I logically derive from it's current confused performance that we might perhaps have one (either left, or right, it bothers me not) hidden, and the other exposed?

It is all such total nonsense.

Show the damn things, black, white and brindle if the owner is happy to display them in public.
They are as beautiful and functional as faces, arms, legs and feet, and viewing them never did anybody any harm.

Give all the overworked Fuzzy Pixellators a proper useful job in society.

P.S.  And does anyone else have a problem with Editors inserting disparaging and derogatory remarks at the beginning of their works of learned scholarship, or is it time I dragged myself (and him) off to therapy once again?

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