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Double-barreled football

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Another cultural gift from The Bucket Sports Department.


Daly Cherry-Evans  is a prominent player in Australian Rugby League football.

Now I’m not about to make fun of his name because   I don’t want to run the risk of him coming around here and thumping the scheissen out of me I am an extremely charitable soul.

Instead I’ll just introduce some other hyphenated hunks of humanity who lace up their boots every weekend and bend over into the scrum to have their brains scrambled, rotator cuffs demolished and bottoms digitally remastered. (here)
Fortnightly Cantaloupe-Minesweeper.

Wallace Gromit-Parker-Bowles-Windsor     (Import from U.K.)

Kim Sun-Bush     (Korean American import)

Rastas Guggenheim-Mohammet     (Stateless import)

Li Ping-Pong     (Import from Serbia)

Matthew Brew-Munder

John-Susan Smith

Moses Inder-Bullrush

Zack Warrior-Princess

Confucius Thatcher-Hefner

Tupac Daley-Habbitt     (Import from USA)

Palmer Carpal-Tunnel

Dallas Hooshot-Jayyar      (Import from Arab Emirates)

The Bucket has yet to snare an Australian Media Association’s award for excellence in sports journalism. I have a good feeling about 2014.

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  1. Folks, make sure you follow that link.

  2. Moses Inder-Bullrush. A favorite player of mine!

  3. Thatcher-Hefner is a great combo

  4. Just gonna leave this here.

  5. Wondered if you had a John Jacob Jungleheimer-Schmitt. There seems to be in EVERY sport here.

    • I just had to google your Mr J-Schmitt……one thing’s for certain, none of our footballers could remember all the complicated lyrics to the song. The link Inga included in her comment above shows why. 🙂

  6. Some day we might have AI robots who could quite literally digitally remaster their faces. Until then, fun to watch men (or women) brute it out during rugby or lacrosse. Or chess.

    You might notice I subscribed to your blog. Again. I gave WP staff the what for many times about these screw ups but I doubt anything will change or be fixed.


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