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Well no.  I refuse to be drawn into the rapidly filling sewers of political correctness.  It’s HAPPY CHRISTMAS, and if the Christians of this world choose to light a celebratory fire of hope and renewal in December each year then I’ll happily sit on the sidelines and absorb some of it’s warm glow.

If all the religions of the world would similarly respect and share the theological virtues and sacred observances of the others then there would be fewer days remaining in the year for them to both literally and figuratively bomb the crap out of each other in the name of God.

I will just take this annual opportunity to look around me and be thankful for all that is good in my world. Summer warmth and early sunrises over the mountain. Thunder storms. Wild birds feeding on my verandah at dawn. Mrs GOF’s temporary gift to me this Christmas of silence and solitude. A house of my own, and a very large puppy dog to play with.

And your company.

I wish you a Happy Christmas, and may good health and contentment be your traveling companions in 2013.

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You too might  see some relatives and friends in the following  Christmas offering from the Dropkick Murphys;  “If you think your family’s crazy, then you should see mine.”


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  1. I have not heard a single “Happy Holidays” this year. Not one. Everyone’s back to wishing each other a Merry Christmas, thank goodness.

    • Thank goodness indeed. I’m sick of hearing Australians pussyfooting around and moderating their Christmas greetings for fear of offending non-believers or members of other religions. A very Merry Christmas to you Kim.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well, GOF!!

  3. Happy Hogswatch, GOF! 🙂

  4. I was just talking about this with someone at work the other day. In this era of political correctness, the state gov’t agency I work at will only allow decorations that say “Happy Holidays” since they are afraid someone might be offended. I think it’s silly – I’ve yet to be traumatized by a menorah or any other religious symbol that is different from my own beliefs.

    I just get around it by not saying anything. Well, not totally true. If someone says “Merry Christmas” I’ve been known to mumble something totally unflattering that I will not sully this pristine blog with. It’s my annual tribute to Ebenezer Scrooge & the Grinch.

    • There is talk of banning Santa Claus from shopping centres and Christmas celebrations in primary schools. It’s all a load of politically correct codswallop.
      Since when can encouraging “goodwill to mankind” be a bad thing.

      Like you, I don’t conspicuously wander around town with some sort of yuletide grin on my dial and blessing everyone with baritone HoHoHo-ing, but I do derive inner happiness from observing the joy of others at this time of year…..especially the little kids.

      Thank you for preserving our pristine neighbourhood. 🙂
      We don’t want Inga learning any bad language, do we.

      • I finally got a chance to watch the video. What were you doing down there amongst the gifts under the tree, GOF?

        • {Edited out the bit that was for GOM’s eyes only} I don’t know about you but I found so many things to smile about in the video, and there’s so much happening you really need to watch it more than once… fact I’ll go and check it out again now…..and the tune is catchy too.

  5. Merry? I intend being a little more than merry. I shall be quite rotten as a chop by the afternoon 🙂 In Brissie at the moment (with my friend who shall not be named) and we are making jelly shots, truffles and other assorted alcoholic munchiments to take to another friends house for Christmas day.
    Have a damned fine one Mr GOF.

    • All power to you Brad and I hope we will eventually see some photographic evidence of your Brisbane celebrations. Best wishes to you and your friend who shall not be named. I might even wander off to Newell Beach for a day of contemplation with Messrs Bundy and Coke, watching the moon rise over the ocean.

  6. Reblogged this on Brad's Blog and commented:
    Given that it’s nearly Christmas and I love GOFs posts on all things real (or not so real), I have taken the liberty of ‘reblogging’ his Christmas message. Watch the Murphys. They rock!

  7. So right that world religions need to get their heads straight. Think what they could accomplish for once! I like hearing happy solstice personally, but people tend to wish me a happy whatever they celebrate. I like it no matter what. If someone takes offense it is usually a symptom, not a disease.

    Anyway, it is a time to be grateful for our closest allies and loved ones. The holiday should be lighthearted and joyful, like Santa. Here’s wishing you love and cheer GOF, I am grateful for your wonderful friendship.

    • You are right Amelie. Religions, if they unified, would have the power to make the world a better place. Sadly they are afflicted with the fallibility of the men (yep, mostly men) who run them and they get distracted by matters of power and greed.

      Happy Solstice and Christmas to you my friend and keep showing our consumer-driven crazy world that there is a more sustainable way to live.

  8. Happy Everything!!!
    I winked at the sunset tonight because I could tell it was hanging around just a leeeeetle bit longer than it did yesterday. Heehee.
    Ken and I talked about progress and agreed that, in many parts of the world, people are rising above silly religious gobbledy-gook and behaving in a more sensible manner.
    Of course, not everywhere, but a little progress is better than no progress. 🙂

    • “Happy Everything!!!”
      I agree Lauri. We have so much to be happy about in America and Australia.
      And re your ‘leetle bit longer’…it’s worth looking up the sunrise charts for your area to find out just how little daylight hours change during the first month after the solstice. (at least it does here) The sun takes a long time to get it’s arse into reverse gear.

      We have to hope that people all over the world eventually progress towards independent thought rather than blindly following religious doctrine. It’s certainly happening in Australia.

  9. You have yourself a little bit of happy everything this Christmas GOF.

  10. Well said. So True! Merry Christmas!! 😀

  11. Hi GOF. I haven’t ever heard anyone actually use the term “Happy Holiday” and if I did I would think they don’t understand where the term comes from. Holiday is derived from Holy Day which kinda defeats the PC angle.

    Like most atheists I’m fine with the original. These days I think you should cherry pick the good stuff out of religion and reject the dehumanising side. This is a slight refinement from my “pick a better religion” theory. 😉

    • Thanks for the religious history Pete……having met you I’d have to say you’d make a fine preacher dressed in your finery standing behind the pulpit. 🙂
      I was amazed when GOM commented that the only acceptable greeting in his workplace was ‘Happy Holidays”.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love Christmas – though thank God my rellies are nothing like the Murphys.. (great video).

    • Thank you Emjay. Christmas at The Murphy’s place would more exciting than the dull event we have here with the other old farts in the neighbourhood.


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