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Too old to dance?

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Last year 43 year-old Richard Fuller was forcibly removed from a Cold Chisel rock concert in Townsville after dancing in the aisles.
A magistrate subsequently fined him $450 (it seems young Richard might have overexuberantly resisted the security guards who were hauling him out of the venue) and then dismissed him from the court with “You are too old to dance, Mr Fuller.”

(actual Video footage here)

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Well root my boots*.   I smell a conspiracy.

Older friends of The Bucket will remember that Richard is not the first ancient sacrificial dancing lamb.

Three years ago I also found myself in a spot of bother on my one-man dance extravaganza  “M. C. Screwdriver”  tour of retirement villages down the eastern coast of Australia.

M. C. Screwdriver

It wasn’t my fault that a slight wardrobe malfunction at the Gosford Senior Ladies Lawn Bowls Club resulted in twenty matronly sheilas from the front rows running squealing and gesticulating out the nearest exit with their knickers in knots down to the local constabulary.

Well, last Saturday Richard made his comeback and he was accorded hero status at the inaugural Not Too Old To Dance Comeback Concert in Townsville.  (story and short clip here)
I wish Richard a long life full of happiness and dancing.

In fact, as my two years probation for lewd and lascivious behaviour has now expired, I might resume the nationwide dance tour from where it was so rudely interrupted if Richard would like to take over as headline act.  I am no longer quite as lithe and limber as I was in 2009 so I might just play a minor supporting role this time. Something involving audience participation perhaps.

Like juggling some flaming swords and a chainsaw.

What could possibly go wrong this time.

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* “Root my boots” = Aussie exclamation of exasperation.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. I do remember reading about an earthquake down that way around that time< GOF, Clearly just another Establishment cover-up of the real reason for all the commotion.

  2. Are you sure that’s why they were gesticulating?

    That’s quite awesome, I’m happy to see the dancing has resumed. I’m sure any future wardrobe malfunctions will merely involve tossing off shoes or throwing your shirt to the ladies, GOF.

    • “Are you sure that’s why they were gesticulating? ”
      Most women I know do a lot of gesticulating Amelie…….could be something to do with me… wouldn’t believe some of the gesticulations I’ve seen.

  3. Mr. Fuller is living life to the fullest, evidently. Rock on! I’ll be 41 in a couple of days and I was shaking it and then later…just slurring at the Rock and Roll Marathon this Sunday. A band member came over and hugged me for being the 2nd most energetic person there.

    • You and Richard should get together on some world stage to show everybody in their forties how dancing should be done. And congratulations for being the 2nd most energetic person……if you can take the No 1 out before the next Marathon you’ll get the top gong.

  4. Oh cripes! Too old to dance, my butt! Yes, I DO dance my butt! And I’ll keep dancing it until it won’t dance no more. How dare some young punks try to make us stop dancing.

    Wardrobe malfunctions or no wardrobe malfunctions!

  5. Re: root my boots:

    My two favorite oddball expressions, both from The Scarlet Pimpernel: “Odd’s fish!” and “Sink me!”

    And yes, we both use them.

    • They’re two cool expressions. Many old Aussie phrases are being lost as we become increasingly ‘Americanized’…..inevitable but nevertheless a little sad.

  6. 43 is NOT old! That’s what happens when young whipper-snappers take over the world! I blame all you people who had children …

    (But I will say I would have guessed Mr. Fuller to be at least five years older than that …)

    • I can’t even remember back to when I was just 43….it was last century sometime….and I agree it looks like Mr Fuller might have overworked himself either on the dancefloor, or celebrating afterwards, or both.

  7. Happy dancing! That’s the way to grow oldER but not old. Please tell my husband!

  8. Fabulous end result GOF. What a bunch of wowsers some Aussies are turning in to.

    I’ve been thinking of blogging about the demise of Aussie cul-cha and this may have pushed me over the edge.

    • Australia needs your cultural input Pete. Go for it!
      Also we’ve gotta make a last stand for ‘Strine’. Our language is being stuffed up Hollywood and texting.

  9. LOL @ root my boots. I’ve not heard that particular combination before…. I have “educated” a few people at work in another use of the word “root”..

    • ‘Root my boots’ was a common expression in Victoria when I was growing up… seems to use it much these days. Funny the things that pop into your head when you are writing blog stories.

      And hey, it’s good to have you back blogging again.


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