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It’s gone….WOOHOO!

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Final Chapter;

When the Government hacked a great big chunk out of my water-delivery pipe on my pump which I installed on my farm dam which I built, then filled the gap with a water meter so it could effectively charge me the same rate per-litre as people in town who are connected to the municipal reticulated water supply I said to myself;
“GOF, something stinks in Paradise.”  
(Paraphrased in the interests of blogging decorum)

After several weeks of shit-stirring  crusading and making a public nuisance of myself to draw attention to what I viewed as gross inequity, two bureaucrats suddenly showed up on my doorstep last week to find out what the curmudgeonly old thorn-in-the-Departmental-side bastard from the bush was carrying on about.

One gentleman was not in good enough physical condition to walk all the way down the 500 metres of track (200 vertical feet) to the pump site, but after the other one had huffed and puffed his way back up the hill they concluded that a meter was not justified, but that the legislation provided very few avenues for exemption. They drove off into the sunset to consider what options might be available.

Yesterday I was given permission to remove the meter.


Thank you to my local friends Mike and Roz who, during their last visit, rekindled my sense of outrage after I had accepted the meter as a fait accompli.

Thanks always to Inga for being a comforting source of wisdom beyond her years.

Thank you to all my blog friends who cared enough to take time out to give me moral support to take on The Establishment.

It is also appropriate and proper that I give due credit to those two decent public servants who acknowledged the injustice and found a legislative loophole through which I could squeeze myself and my rustic water supply system.

Today, GOF’s Paradise is once again perfect.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

PS     I will also be returning this beautiful marker post which mysteriously disappeared from my front gate just minutes after it was installed to provide navigational guidance for meter readers.
I located it deep inside the adjacent National Park jungle.

Being blue, I’m blaming it’s disappearance on a Bower Bird who must have seen it as the ultimate decorative accessory for it’s bower.

You just can’t trust some animals round these parts.


About GOF

"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Power to the people! Way to go GOF! Justice isn’t always a faded lie.

    • Awesome!!! There IS a god! (Ok, I don’t really believe that…..) how about you lucked out!
      So glad to hear that something has gone right in the world! It helps being a thorn in some peoples’ sides!
      Your Paradise is perfect again!

    • I’m stunned and astonished Rich….this decision flies in the face of all the principles which drive my cynical appreciation of the world. 🙂

  2. YAY!

    Just wait until you get the bill for the removal …

    • Oh … and if this continued I had a suggestion. Many years ago you posted a photo of platypuses (really, spell check?) playing in the water of a pond. I assume this was the same pond in question. I was going to offer the advice that you bill the government for their animals (for they come from the National Park, right?) usage of your pond.

      • You’ve got a really good memory GOM…it was the same pond with platypuses in it, so thanks for your good idea. Funny thing was that when this guy went to check out the pump last week he discovered that the contractors had put the meter in back-to-front. I asked him if this meant that if the meter stayed the Government would be paying me money for the water that I produced rather than the other way around. He appreciated the attempt at humour.

    • Anything is possible in this crazy world GOM.

  3. YAY! My sense of outrage is diminished a skosche.

    Bower birds, like faeries, love to make off with colorful objects, including seemingly-abandoned fluorescent-orange traffic cones…

    • And thank you Kim for originally giving the story of our predicament wider distribution.

      I used to believe that Bower birds only collected blue objects, but the bowers we find in this area are usually full of white or cream-coloured flowers.

  4. Yay! Excellent news. I’m glad you were able to find that bower bird nest.

    • Thanks for the encouragement which you and Roz have given us, Mike.

      ‘Twas a strange thing…some invisible force led me straight to the place where the Bower bird had hidden the post.

  5. You bloody little beauty GOF. Love a happy ending when Governments are involved.

    • Thanks Peter…..I never believed the ending would be this good …admittedly there was a little administrative sleight-of-hand involved in reaching this outcome.

      • Well I’m shocked. It’s very rare for logic to overcome bureaucratic process.

        I remember a friend saying that Aussie Post owed him 20 cents and kept sending him a card in the mail to come and collect it. He ignored them and one evening a van turned up at his house and he was physically handed him the coin. He said he hoped the guy was on paid overtime.

        Some officious bastard probably slept a peaceful sleep that night.

        • That’s an incredible story about Australia Post……I remember for a while Telstra kept posting me monthly accounts for an outstanding 02 cents which was their error anyway.

  6. Friggin’ brilliant to hear your Samson v Goliath story! You da man as the youngsters say these days.

    • Thank you Ninja….it restores my faith in Australia giving country people a ‘fair go’.

      “You da man as the youngsters say these days.”
      More like I’m da friggin’ cranky old bastard from the bush. 🙂

      Nice to know you’re still around and I’ll be waiting for your Cairns landing when you do the round-Australia flight.

  7. Yeah for taking the fight to the man! Yeah, GOF is our hero. One for the (not so) ordinary man!

  8. I’m a little disappointed we’ve been robbed of a potential “when GOF ran over the meter-reading man with a slasher” post, but on the other hand – yay!

    GOF: 1, Bureaucracy: 3,001,991. Keep at it kiddo, I’m proud of you.

    • I think I’ll now keep a low profile for the rest of my life…..unless someone comes and tampers with my good works again. Sorry for your disappointment….all those posts you could have written about visiting GOF in Lotus Glen.

  9. Ya know what? I’m sorry for your troubles but I just need to move to Oz. Your local eedjits at least did right by you. None of our eedjits seem to get anything right. Sorry for the harassment but happy to hear it’s DONE!

  10. Sticking it to the man! 🙂

    Glad to hear thing’s worked out well.

  11. How did I miss this post?? YAY, that is so wonderful! I honestly figured they couldn’t really justify this invasion onto your property, even though it is the government. I’m currently trying to get the attention of our city elected officials and let me tell you, it is a full time job. Well done on your part getting them to fix the problem.

    And based on the color of that post I’d say there’s some bower bird out there with a very pretty young mate indeed.

    • I posted it just moments after your last visit Amelie. We just feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders….there was quite a bit of luck and bureaucratic subterfuge involved in getting this outcome. I hope you also find some decent officials to work with in your dealings with Government.

      The colourful bower bird post was returned to the Government so there’s probably a disillusioned little bird running around the forest looking for a more reliable mate. 🙂


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