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This one’s for sunshine

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During recent years I have maintained a habit of taking time out
every day just to be thankful for the blessings I have in this life.
Occasionally I will share one with you.

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Golden gumboot at Tully

Most Australians are probably unaware that there is a tiny part of this dry continent which receives an average annual rainfall well in excess of 150 inches.  The coastal towns of Babinda and Tully bicker and snort at each other every year in their race for statistical rainfall superiority.

Mrs GOF and I live high up on the mountainside behind these two towns taking the full brunt of the powerful moisture-laden south-easterly trade winds after their trajectory across the Tasman and Coral Seas.
Because of the altitude and geographic location we would win hands down if ever a ‘miserableness factor” was applied to rainfall figures.

I never look forward to April, May and June. The blowing fog and heavy drizzle is relentless….day and night….. on average for 25 days per month, and unlike the coastal towns we never even get glimpses of the sun during these days.

For only the second time in 30 years this April has been different.  Whilst we have still received our average 500mm (20″) of rain, it all fell during 6 days, and for the remainder of the time GOF’s Paradise looked something like this;

The mansion

Not a neighbour in any direction

Pathway down to the "office"

One half of my "office"

The other half

About GOF

"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. I’m soooo jealous. I wonder if I can make all my neighbors move out of sight.
    Is that a one GOF show or do have servants? ….careful….Mrs. GOF is reading over your shoulder.

    • I have a few ideas which would make your neighbours move out of sight Rich….sadly none of them are legal.

      It’s always been a 2-person show here….everything was built and maintained by Mrs GOF and me…except after the last cyclone 2 friends came over to help us rebuild the office.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous place to live. I would take your mansion over a mansion in Beverly Hills any day!
    And I love rain. In fact, just yesterday I was fantasizing about living in Ireland. And my husband wants to go to Las Vegas…!!! Desert. Sigh.
    I couldn’t stand it there. I mean for retirement. I can stand vacations there quite well. But a week or less and I am done!
    What are your average temps for April and May?
    Stunning office, too, by the way! Wow.

    • I’m with you Lauri. A bit of rain works for me even though I spent 4 year in the North West. Makes you appreciate drizzle when you go South again.

    • Thanks Lauri…there is no way I would voluntarily go and live in a mansion or any other sort of house in a town anywhere although I have to realistically face moving to some place that has more services as I get older.

      April temperatures are usually quite pleasant…minimums in high teens C and maximum 24 – 26.
      May gets maybe 3 degrees cooler than that and with the reduced evap things start getting ugly with ankle-deep mud where the lawn used to be

  3. Oh my….what a beautiful paradise “mansion” you have! I love seeing the photos of where you live, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Elaine…..if I don’t make a concerted effort to appreciate all which surrounds me then I tend to take it all for granted.

      • I agree; it’s the same for me. I live one mile inland (as the crow flies) from the Gulf of Mexico, with it’s turquoise water & pristine white sand…..& have become so “used” to it in 22 years that sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be in paradise!

        • I understand exactly how easy it is to NOT to notice the beauty that is all around me Elaine… the mountain vistas. In one way I am happy that beautiful Newell Beach is 2 hours drive away….at least every time we go there we thoroughly appreciate how wonderful it is.

  4. Nice! We were in your area on Saturday, but Roz said you would be marketing, so you were spared the intrusion. That mansion picture is a nice angle.

    • Never an “intrusion” Mike….you should have dropped in, we had nothing on last weekend……it must have been very pleasant weather in Cairns too this April.

  5. A blessing indeed, GOF. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It looks like you’ve had a very nice recovery from last year when the “office” went kaput.

    • I almost posted a couple of “before” pics to go with these GOM, but the less I think of Cyclone Yasi the better….and it is quite amazing how the countryside has recovered during the last 12 months.

  7. These pictures are beautiful. And I’m very happy for you that you got lots of sunshine at a time when normally you seldom do.

    What is it that you are growing in your “office”?

    • Thanks Chris. The plants are bromeliads….they originate from South America but have become popular all over the world during the last decade and they survive well in our wet climate where many other more common garden plants fail dismally.

  8. The frog on the gumboot made me laugh, but I love the idea of a greenhouse full of bromeliads being “the office.” Nice life you got there, GOF!

    • The frog certainly is a rather novel addition to the gumboot.
      The “nice life” took many years of hard slog in the making HG but we now both have a little more time to sit down and appreciate what we have here.

    • I’ve had spiders in my wellies but I would be flabbergasted if I ever discovered 5 people waving at me from inside one of ’em.

  9. Fabuloso! Global Weirding has certainly provided plenty of weird! Our summer last year gave us (literally) Death Valley “weather.” Unfortunately, that’s UNPLEASANT but it also provided us with a dry winter (happier to live through at the time but that means compounding drought…).

    It definitely was nice having a “calm” winter, though 🙂

    • “Global Weirding”…..only from MT…love it. 🙂

      I’ve enjoyed reading the blog accounts of changing weather patterns all over the planet and it seems that you, like us, have had some unexpected side benefits.
      Much of Australia which previously was in the grips of a 10-year drought has had above-average rainfall during the last 12 months and the dry rivers are once again full of water.

  10. I hate to alarm you, GOF, but I think due to all that rain the amphibians are taking over Australia.

    What a stunning place. I am very jealous although I imagine it is in fact miserable with all that dark and damp rain……are you at least more protected from strong storms being near the mountains?

    • Our mountains might break up the circulation of cyclones to a small extent, but we are only 10 miles in a straight line from the coast so that effect is probably only small.

  11. Just glorious GOF. Your own personal paradise. Australian towns love those “biggest” things.

    • Some of the “biggest things” are really tacky attempts to draw tourists….I haven’t made my mind up about the big gumboot.


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