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Concert review; The Searchers 50th Anniversary

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The Searchers

Regular Bucket readers will recall that I can be a very difficult bastard to please when it comes to live music concerts.
Previous to the last one, I had walked out of three consecutive events before intermission.

At my age I have no tolerance to wasting my time being bored, putting up with sub-standard entertainment, or allowing my eardrums to be blasted involuntarily half-way down my Eustachian tubes.

So it was with more than a little trepidation that forever-tolerant Mrs GOF accompanied me to the very affordable Searchers 50th Anniversary Tour concert at the Cairns Civic Centre last Thursday night.

Daughter Inga’s only comment over the phone beforehand was “Wow, now ain’t that theatre just gonna be chockablock full of old farts.”

Indeed it WAS full of old farts. Packed to the rafters with old farts.

Following the cessation of hostilities in World War 2, Australians took to the task of procreation like ducks to water. The now worn-out little ducklings, the products of those post-1945 ‘deliberations’, were mightily entertained last week by The Searchers good old-fashioned rock and roll.
Inga too would have loved it.

The Searchers, a group from the U.K., surfed that unprecedented global wave of pop-music fame along with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones back in the 1960’s.

Today their music is unchanged. Thumping drum beats, catchy toe-tapping rhythms and pleasing vocal harmonies, all completely free of modern electronic whizz-bangery.

The two-hour program included most of their big hits along with some Orbison, Dylan and Status Quo covers and many amusing anecdotes from 50 years on the road. They also never missed an opportunity to poke fun at how ancient all of us baby-boomers are today.

The penultimate song on the program, the rousing English anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” certainly brought a lump to my throat.
I suspect that none of us in the auditorium felt we were alone at that moment knowing that we were all being nostalgically united by this rare and delightful opportunity to remember and relive the musical magic of the 1960’s.

After all, as teenagers, we witnessed the greatest musical revolution the world has ever seen.

The Searchers rock.  Still.

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  1. I’ll bet it was a long concert. I mean, with their demographic I’m assuming there was an intermission every 2-3 songs for “pee breaks” …

    (Reminds me of seeing The Who a few years ago and thinking, “Wait, when did Roger Daltry start looking like my grandfather?”)

    • I hope The Who concert was as enjoyable for you as this one was for me GOM.

      We were all just carried along by the enthusiasm of these musicians and forgot about time and our various ailments. I suppose someone was contracted to bring in a vacuum super-sopper and clean up all the carpets on the following morning. 🙂

    • Haha. With me it was seeing Bob Dylan look like my crotchety old political science professor. I was waiting for him to suddenly wheeze, then yell at the audience, “WELL? What are you looking at?”

      GOF, I confess I was a little girl back then. My older cousins used to yell at me to shut up and get out of the room when American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show came on and their favorite bands appeared. Now that they’re all in their 60s, I can tease them about needing a fresh diaper change or a nap when they get cranky. 😀

      • Some of these old musicians still perform with enthusiasm and proficiency, but many more seem to just be going through the motions to try and earn a few more bucks. I’ve heard mixed reports about Dylans more recent concerts.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic concert! It’s always a delight when something lives up to or surpasses our expectations!

    • After some of the crap concerts I’ve attended during the last couple of years this was just a fabulous experience Lauri. I’ll be feeling good for at least the next month.

  3. I’m not familiar with them (at least not that song) but it sounds tight!

  4. I hate to admit it, but yeah I probably would’ve enjoyed it too. I’m glad you found an event that didn’t warrant a walking-out on!

  5. I have to ask this GOF.

    Does Mrs GOF leave with you when they fail your test?

    I sometimes take Oma to Morning Melodies in Horsham which is designed for the oldies by playing at 10 am (Half way through their day). I go on the pretext of being a “good bloke” but the shows are always quality and especially the stuff from the 20’s.

    One show in particular really impressed because the voices were excellent and the clothing from that time leaves today’s fashion for dead. They also had this neat trick of holding their partner while dancing. The younguns don’t realise what they are missing.

    Glad to hear this one was a beaut.

    • Mrs GOF has to suffer my intolerances and leave midway through bad concerts too Pete….basically because I own the car keys and if she chose to stay at the concert by herself it would be a slight inconvenience for her to have to walk 100 kilometres back home in the middle of the night.

      I’ve only been to one Morning Melodies concert and thoroughly enjoyed it….I’ll certainly be be attending others…..there are 6 of them each year in Cairns.

      • Now holding the car keys is a brilliant strategy. In our house Liz does the driving so I’d be drinking coffee until she got sick of it.

        • There’s a lot of responsibility going with driving you around Peter, as Liz would know.
          Making sure you are back in the car after every refueling break and pitstop along the way and not disappearing without you on board.
          Big responsibility.

          • And she has to put up with my snoring.

            Being a gent though, I put the cricket all to my side of the car to lessen the pain.

  6. That was GREAT. And even if I am an old fart, I am a happy one. Of course, I prefer to be considered an old coot, rather than an old fart. But I am not fussy.

    • Thanks Elyse…..if you don’t mind I’d prefer to think of you as an attractive young lady approaching the doorstep of middle age. The words ‘old fart’ and ‘old coot’ have no place in my thoughts about you.

      I really must try to be as nice to people in real life as I am to my blog friends. 🙂

  7. WOW!! Nice to hear such quality. I am pretty low standards about stuff (I don’t send nasty restaurant food back, for example) but I am SO with you about wasting my time listening to poor quality music. It’s not as though you can just chat with your buds, especially when most shows are so damned loud these days.

    Can’t remember the name, but we saw a small chamber group that performed ancient songs. Tight. Funny jokes, self-deprecating humor, great variety. They made sure the audience had fun. Geez, does it get any better? Glad to hear you had a nice time.

    “Packed to the rafters with old farts” LOL! Good one.

    • It was a really great night of entertainment Amelie, and so good to see these old guys still thoroughly enjoying making music for us all to enjoy.

  8. I don’t go to concerts in the first place because I just don’t enjoy them. Too loud and they don’t sound like their studio recordings, which is what I’d rather hear anyway. (I don’t like live albums, either.)

    It’s depressing to see what a mess the audiences are, too. Many years ago, I went to a Stevie Nicks concert, and they had to cart some little teenage girl (16 yo, tops) out in a wheelchair before the opening act was over because she was so drunk she’d passed out on the floor.

    • I guess I’ve grown up loving music of various types and I find quality concerts to be inspiring and uplifting to my spirit. I’m sorry that your experiences have been so disappointing. I suspect audiences in our little country town are better behaved than those in bigger cities.

  9. Recently the manservant talked me into going to a concert of a genre of which I am not a big fan like he is. He promptly fell asleep in the first song and slept through the performance!!!! He maintained this showed just how good the music was at soothing him!

  10. Hey GOF, going to the next Searchers concert in Cairns on Fri 22 Feb 2013? We’ll be going in Townsville – hope it’s as good as you say!!! Btw how many 50th Anniversary tours can they have?

    • Yep, I felt they were profiteering by coming back so soon, plus there’s also a Four Seasons concert around the same time, but we’re a bit short of cash so we son’t be going to either.
      The Searchers were just bloody fantastic….you’ll love this concert.
      Now we’ll have to wait for the Seekers to do their fourth ‘last’ tour. 🙂


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