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The Bucket ‘Good Works’ Award for 2011

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On several occasions in the past the Wrath of GOF has been unleashed upon organised religion. I have spoken harshly to it, menacingly tapped it on the beak with my finger, and even periodically unsheathed my feather duster in order to give it a jolly good old-fashioned flogging.

This was not done frivolously or without justification.
In New Guinea some of the most self-serving, intolerant, bigoted and racist foreigners I came across just happened to be Christian missionaries.

Neither has the reputation of religion been enhanced by the traveling circuses of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker, Benny Hinn and many other smooth-talkin’ preacher-man show ponies who accepted personal riches in exchange for offering eternal redemption as the ultimate prize for blind faith.
A reward which quite frankly was never within their purview to hand out anyway.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Today however in the Yuletide spirit of goodwill I have chosen to put away all my corporal punishment hardware. During the next three days as the New Year is being prepared for mass consumption I will be hard at work marinading all 366 days of it in my oil of tolerance and the secret herbs and spices of Goffly generosity.

Accordingly, The Bucket would like to take this opportunity to applaud the REAL Christians both at home and abroad.
Those like Catholic Franciscan ‘Father Tom’ whose remarkable life of service to Sepik villagers inspired me to write this tribute  some years ago, as well as another applauding his composure in the face of adversity whilst enthroned atop of the world’s highest long-drop toilet.

Today I especially salute the Uniting Church Wayside Chapel and Crisis Centre  in Sydney, which, in addition to it’s regular services throughout the year to the disadvantaged, destitute and homeless, served at least eight hundred meals in the street on Christmas Day.

The Chapel’s Reverend Graham who delightfully describes himself as a “lapsed athiest” made reference to a public ‘welcome’ notice at the Chapel;

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not much of a Christian, because we’re not much of a Church.”

May their God bless all the Reverend Grahams, Father Tims and the thousands of selfless community service volunteers in all parts of Australia and the world.

The true Christians.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *



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14 responses

  1. “It doesn’t matter if you’re not much of a Christian, because we’re not much of a Church.”

    Here, here!

  2. Nice tribute, GOF. There are many fine people who do good things in the name of their religion. Then there’s the others who do great evil also in the name of their religion. There are also many fine atheists who do good works, and also atheists who do evil. All of which goes to prove that we do well to judge the person for themselves and not by the attached label.

    • Superb comment Snowy. If you don’t mind I’ll copy it and regurgitate it at some future time. (with acknowledgement of course).

      Same principle of course applies to any other “ism” which attempts to assume superiority by dividing people into “them” and “us”.

  3. May I just add that I love the new look GOF blog

  4. Nice work, GOF. We tend to see the idiots like fumbling George Pell who grab the headlines and miss the tireless ones working for the betterment of folk.

    It still amazes me that fundamentalists like Pell work towards spreading guilt and unhappiness while the nice folk are improving other folks living conditions. Totally opposite attitudes.

  5. GOF, nice template! Is your farm so close to a beach?

    The holidays are full of kind deeds and gestures, but I wish they’d continue all through the year as they do at the Wayside Chapel. I see too many people handing out toys and clothing to poor children at Christmas, while during the rest of the year they act as if these kids and their parents live off of air. It’s much harder to sustain services all year around, harder still to be of good cheer like the Reverend Graham.

    • The template is mostly wishful thinking HG but I love the look of it.
      We actually live only ten miles from the beach as the crow flies, except the crow has to fly over a mountain range to get there, but if Mr Crow relied upon a car it would take 2 hours for him to get to his beach.

      I thought the Wayside Chapel deserved praise because of it’s year-round services to the disadvantaged.

  6. A really nice post GOF – I like the term “lapsed athiest”

    • It was a memorable and refreshing radio interview with Reverend Graham, Emjay…..especially after listening to some of the other Chrismas messages being delivered by members of Australia’s pompous religious heirarchy.

  7. How lovely, GOF. It is a shame a bunch of bad apples destroyed the reputations of many otherwise good folks. Many of my friends are Christian, and if I or my cat are sick they are often the first to offer their help and prayers. Bless the wonderful reverends and other good Christians in your community.

    • As Snowy suggested Amelie, there are good and bad eggs amongst all peoples, races and religions. Like you, it’s been my pleasure to have known more good ones than bad.

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