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Distant Minds performing Pink Floyd

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I enjoy watching music videos on television, and occasionally taking time out to reflect on how they have evolved over the past thirty years with changing technology.

The very first video I ever saw was brunette-turned-blonde Deborah Harry in the early eighties miming and sexily sauntering her way along the street behind a truck-mounted camera.  The vision was apparently more memorable than the song, the title of which I have long forgotten.

Few men of my generation will forget Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” with his entourage of identically dressed chicks disinterestedly shuffling and wiggling their minor assets, Salt n Pepa with “Push it” vigorously pushing and heaving all of their much more substantial assets in ways I had never previously thought possible,  Billy Joel pumping out “We didn’t start the Fire” to a mesmerising backdrop of historical newsreel footage, or Cher, dressed in almost nothing, nasally “Turning back time” whilst straddling an enormous gun barrel on a U.S. navy vessel.  I, for one, will admit to never paying much attention to the lyrics.


Computer technology has changed forever the way music videos are created.

Mike is an occasional commenter on this blog and friend of mine in real life.  He is a gifted computer programmer and technician, musician, and photographer, who is very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge with those of us who know little about these subjects.

For many months now, Mike has been spending his spare time, often late into the night, compiling the following video clip to post on Youtube.

Distant Minds is not your ordinary band.

You see, Mike fronts the band whose other members come from the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil.

They discovered their common interest on an internet forum and none of them has ever met any other band member in person.

They all share a love of Pink Floyd music so each one sent Mike a video of themselves playing their particular instrument’s part of the song “Comfortably Numb”.

I have no idea how he managed to electronically stitch everything together to produce such a seamless and professional video clip, but the final product is a credit to him and the other members of Distant Minds.

I wish them well.

This  is a short trailer showing snippets of the original contributions from band members, and the following is the completed project.

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  1. Fascinating!

  2. Really good, and I can only imagine the amount of work that went into compiling it.

    • I have been thinking about the complexity of compiling it too much, and not appreciating the high quality of each musician’s contribution.

  3. Sounds very cool! I tweeted this week about looking through Billboard (magazine) Music Awards (or best of or whatever). If you offered to pay me $1million to name ANY song by ANYBODY in that whole magazine, I’d walk away with dropping shoulders — and no million dollars. I’m completely out of it BUT at least I recognized some names!

    I didn’t grow up watching music videos (didn’t have cable or any tv) but I was in the down and dirty punk clubs at the time. I wouldn’t trade that. Nowadays, I still don’t see many videos unless I go to youtube! Have to since I no longer hang out in the backstreets 🙂 I’m in a cafe in town now, so I’ll head over to youtube.

    • Australia for the past 30 years has had a program called “Rage” televised on the free-to-air advertisement-free national broadcaster ABC every Friday and Saturday night from late until dawn the following day. Video clips of all sorts of music from pop to rap and every sort of head-banging music known to personkind.
      Fabulous entertainment.

      My meagre 500mb per month satellite internet doesn’t permit me to do much Youtubing. 😦

      • Well, you know I have NO internet unless I’m at work–so it’s not like I can usually get away with much more than a song here or there!

        • It’s a wonder that either of us are the normal well-balance human beings that we are MT, being so deprived with modern technology as we are. 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting this, GOF. It was a lot of work, especially since I was learning some of the techniques as I went along, but it was a lot of fun.

    We are already planning the next one.

    • This is amazing Mike, congratulations! Let me know if you fellas need a hysterical fangirl, I have good references.

    • You’re welcome Mike…..the video reflects the hours you put into making it.
      I’ll go and explain to Inga what a “widget” is and where to find one.
      Last I heard she was looking under tables at a nightclub for one “here widget, c’mon widget, where are you hiding you naughty little widget you” 🙂

  5. This is SO COOL!!!

  6. This is great – technology allows some really amazing feats. I *loved* Blondie!


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