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One for everyone

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One for Dog Lovers

One for Cat Lovers

One for Electricians

One for Miss Piggy

One for GOF the help him clean up the cyclone debris.

One for Globetrotting Naturalists.

One for Herself, then One for Democracy.

One for Scholars of Ancient Architecture.


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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Me likey! Lol!

    Those puppies! What kind are they??? Soooo cute!

    I need a magnifying glass to more carefully study the ancient architecture. And the not-so-ancient!

  2. Oooo, I found them! They are Pharaoh Hounds! Gorgeous!

    • For some reason I liked the facial expression of the one on the right, and thanks for finding out what breed they were Lauri.

      • The one on the right is the one that drew me in, too.

        Yikes…..Leo is going crazy at the front window at this moment because 10 white-tailed deer just walked into our yard!

  3. Better tell Kermit the police are coming.

    Love the cat lover photo. It looks like he’s eating cereal. And beer. My kind of kitty. When’s the game on?

  4. One for herself ::snort::

    • I think it’s time we had political rallies like this in Australia MT.

        • How about you come for a holiday to Australia and show us how to conduct one of these rallies Lauri……I’ll contribute some appropriately worded placards.
          This country needs to be stirred up…’s way too staid and settled. Needs political dynamite shoved up it’s err jumper. We have an opportunity to be famous here. 🙂

          • LMAO!
            I tell you, I really admire these kids for their …..forthrightness?…..

            When I was that age I was very quiet, and shy and had no confidence. No, however, I think I could happily protest with the best of them…..bring on the placards!!!

            • I admire them too Lauri. I look at the placard in the picture (and there were many more similar ones at the same rally) and it fills me with great hope for the future of free speech. When I was her age no-one dared to even whisper the word “masturbate” in public let alone go around with it boldly written on a placard.

              I’d like to start a nationwide rally to promote euthanasia…..but that’s another story altogether.

              • Oh, we have been discussing this at work today. Euthanasia would make so much sense in so many cases. There are so many sensible people who would say “Enough, it’s time to let me go.”

                • Our Northern Territory passed legislation enabling it some years ago but it was quashed by the Feds. It’s just disgraceful that we can humanely euthanase our pets yet have to suffer extended painful endings to our own lives. One day public sensibility will demand this right, but in the meantime I’m stockpiling sleeping pills.

                  • Having put Calli to sleep last week made me think about this more. She had gone downhill for about two weeks. And by the time we did it, she was so tired and so ready to be “let go”. I sure miss her, but I know she is glad to be done with that physical part of her experience!

                    • We’ve also been through this sad but humane and necessary aspect of pet ownership.
                      Hold onto the memories, and all those wonderful photographs you posted on your blog.

                    • That’s the sort of behavior that earned me 3 Our Father’s and 5 Hail Mary’s every monthly Friday Confession.

                      Oh. And the promise not to do it again.

                      I guess I was never cut out to be religious.

  5. Blergh….that was supposed to read “Now, however,” not, “No,however,”….hoever.

  6. Love those hounds! They all have great expressions. LOL @ those wires – the poles in my alley look a bit like that – especially after a good windstorm. It’s scary to watch wires fly around and come “unglued” from the pole – as no major disaster has happened I assume most of them are cable (tv) or telephone wires.

    • I’m presuming the electrical wiring is in India. I have read horrifying statistics on the number of train deaths each year in that country… I wonder how many electrocutions occur.

  7. The photographer was kind enough not to take a wide shot, for lying beside Kermit, just out of shot, may have been a Flamingo Dancer, a little worse for wear!


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