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Oh shit, here we go again.

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Cyclone Yasi, potentially one of the largest and most intense cyclonic systems ever to threaten the Australian continent is forecast to make a coastal crossing somewhere in my vicinity in the middle of Wednesday night.

We know the routine well, but that is very little comfort in situations over which we have so little control.

Chainsaw down large trees beforehand, create a bunker inside the smallest room of the house then cower on a mattress under a table scared shitless  in the total darkness as the surrounding rainforest is shredded and the air becomes filled with flying missiles.

We only have the daylight hours today to prepare, so I am out of here immediately, with no expectation of returning  in a hurry.

In the event of my longer term absence, Inga (on blogroll off to the right of page) will probably be able to provide an update.


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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Oh no! Saw news of this on TV this AM & wondered if it was coming your way. As a Florida resident who worries about this every summer, I most certainly know what you’re going through. Needless to say, my thoughts will be with you & I’ll be anxiously waiting to see your post again when you’re able. I pray you & your property will be OK!

  2. Gof. Meaningless I know but please, stay safe and most importantly keep Mrs Gof safe. You and I still have some highly distilled liquid to consume while our respective other halves discuss my many failings.
    All joviality aside please do your best to weather the storm and come out the other side unscathed. I would give anything to be over there helping to rebuild the flood damaged areas and that’s purely because of my love for your country. Really wish I could say more. Glad Inga is as far from the destruction as possible.

    All our love and best wishes

  3. Stay safe, GOF and Mrs. GOF!

  4. Take care GOF!!! big hugs and crossing my fingers that Yasi will take a long detour away from GOF land or peter out before landfall or something along those lines.

  5. Stay safe, old friend. Our thoughts are with you.

  6. Oh GOF, I’ll worry about you and Mrs. until you post again. I wish you’d evacuate, but whatever you choose to do, take care.

  7. Additional good thoughts, Gof (I’ll join Lauri’s stay-safe ray, loved that) it sounds like you have a good plan in place.

  8. Perhaps you should dig a bloody great hole underneath the smoke house and build a bomb shelter… hey, that’s not a bad idea. Gotta be more comfy than sitting under a table… and it would be really useful for storing wine at other times… or growing mushrooms… 😉

    I’m guessing that GOF and Mrs GOF will weather this one out at home, No? But, if you are going to go… go now. But, with storms like this one, you have to ask yourself, ‘where do you run?’ This one is so big you’d have a hard time escaping the effects. That’s why I’m not going to let myself become complacent yet. We’re not all that far out of the danger zone just yet. Preparing for some big winds anyway… got some from Anthony that were concerning enough. I’m currently hoping that Yasi will collapse before she gets here… (yeah right). :o\

    I’ll cross my fingers for you guys. Take care of each other… xx

    PS) Hope you’ve got a good strong table, my friend. 😉

  9. Fingers crossed down here, GOF.

    Your life is so exciting. We get in a tizz when the local river eases up over 3 days. The danger up North is far more serious.

  10. Good Luck to you and Mrs GOF – may you weather this as you have previous storms. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my thoughts positive!

  11. Oh – and I think I’d rather have snow and ice! 🙂

  12. Sending thoughts of safety and damage-less-ness your way. May you two weather this well… and your plants and property too.

  13. Shit, that’s not good at all. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for minimal damage to GOF Towers and the safety of the GOF clan. Best of luck and don’t forget to take a bottle of Scotch with you. Nothing makes life seem less dangerous than a bottle of Scotch.

  14. Hang in there mate. You know where to reach us if you need a hand with anything.

  15. You and Mrs GOF have been in my thoughts all day. I know that you will have prepared as well as you can, but do take care, dear, dear GOF.

    Snowy, you and I are going to need more than one stiff drink when this bloody summer is over.

    Good luck.

  16. After a brief conversation with GOF, it appears he’s spent all day chainsawing trees, hoisting machinery out of flood-range and helping friends prepare in the next town.

    I’m fairly confident the GOF’s themselves will come through unscathed (they’re quite a resilient pair)…it’s their 30 years of bloody hard work that’s concerning me. I know ‘things’ can be replaced…but they’ve made their livelihood out of virtually a blank piece of earth, and watching that getting wiped out in under 24 hours is distressing.

    I’m adding my thoughts to the Stay Safe Ray! *zzzap*

  17. Good luck up there you two!! I’ve had tears with family today,
    and was quite worried, but reading your bloody email – I was in tears again — but this time from laughing so bloody much!!!!!
    Keep it up!!

    Both of you – take care!
    Roz and Mike.

  18. I hope everything turns out okay and that you and the fam remain safe…

  19. Both of you and all of your neighbors are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know your status as soon as you can manage it. Your friends are concerned.

  20. It must be morning now in GOF land…
    I hope that means Yasi has passed you and the worst is over. I can see they say the next day or so will still be a lot of strong winds, no electricity, phones not working… so I guess it will take a while, but I hope you are safe the house is still standing and all your neighbours likewise.

  21. I haven’t heard from GOF or Inga yet. Just wanted to give everyone a bit of a heads-up.

    The GOFs may not be able to contact us for a little while. The cyclone crossed the coast very near to their place. Almost certainly they will have problems with their internet… and there is surely quite a bit of damage around. Even we Aussies have very little information about conditions up there just yet. No doubt Inga will contact us all as soon as possible.

    All the best to all GOF’s. xx

  22. Hi all – a big thank you for all your positive thoughts, clearly it worked! I’m very relieved to report that both GOFs are fine. They ended up spending the night with some friends in the next town, and hacked their way home this morning. When I spoke to GOF at daybreak this morning he was fully expecting to return to the property and find complete devastation, but I called him again at lunch time and it seems everything is generally intact. Their garden’s destroyed and a tree landed on part of the roof, but I think that’s the worst of the damage.

    He was a most jolly GOF when I spoke to him about lunch time. He asked me to pass on my thanks for all your kind thoughts, and to let you know he’ll be back and terrorising you in short order (he left his computer gear with friends in town, and he and Mum have a fair bit of cleaning up to do!!)

    Of course, there are many people in the coastal communities who haven’t been quite so lucky.

  23. Thanks for the update Inga. Sorry to hear about his home damage but I’m so glad they’re safe. Bless.

  24. I am SO glad there weren’t any injuries and just a small amount of damage!


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