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Today dear friends you find me typing this blog under duress, and with a one-handed disability.
It is twisted painfully by Mrs GOF somewhere up in the vicinity of my shoulder blades. She still sees nothing funny in me having let loose in public a fictitious little story about her New Year’s debauchery as outlined in my previous blog entry “Bilge soup”.

In partial recompense for that incy wincy faux pas and apparent crime against marital solidarity, I firstly have to apologise for;
“all the shameless self promotion and propaganda that you write in Your Stupid Bucket, GOF” in bold font, and then sit here until I compose, to her satisfaction, an introduction to some of her happy snaps….OUCH!.……sorry…..photographs.

.*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *    *      *      *     *      *      *

Mrs GOF’s early life, which included an idyllic childhood and carefree adolescence, came to a rather abrupt and unfortunate end after 20 years, when, during a slight lapse of attention and total failure of all her oddball-detector alarm systems, she allowed GOF to intrude himself into it.

She has spent the remainder of her life engaging in pastimes to distract herself from all the catastrophic consequences which this single moment of poor judgment brought about.

Firstly came pregnancy and childbirth, the physical discomfort of which was a price she considers well worth paying to hatch our precious bundle of joy, concomitant with a bonus 16 years respite from full-time GOF torment.
All of that was taken away from her one day early in the twenty-first century when Globet levitated briefly, then was whisked away like a dandelion seed in a puff of post-pubescent wind, high into the jetstream of progeny distribution which ultimately deposited her gently and permanently some 2000 kilometres away from the distraught womb of Globetal conception.

Globet was then replaced by a camera.

I deliberately choose not to make any comparisons between these two commodities, primarily on the grounds that one day I would like to be incarcerated in a relatively humane old-folks home.

Without further ado I proudly introduce the first selection from Mrs GOF’s most recent GOF-avoidance project.
Perhaps with my encouragement she will achieve the same standard of perfection which resulted from the first.

Well I’ll be damned!

I think I just shot and bagged two Brownie Point Birds with a single slug.



Red Brow finches

New Guinea girl




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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Excellent shots! Perhaps you can convince Mrs. GOF to start a photoblog. 🙂

    • Thank you Mike….she will be very pleased. I was thinking more along the lines of just publishing a few of her pictures every time I see the need to top up my brownie-point credits.:-)

      The automatic super-macro on the new camera is sorely testing her patience, but she’s got plenty of that.

  2. I suspect Mrs. GOF might have a different perspective on her interest in photography, like it might not be all about you, GOF!

    But it is indeed very nice work. If you haven’t already, you ought to get her a Flickr pro account so she can post her photos in an online gallery.

    • I know her photography hobby has got absolutely nothing to do with me HG, but hey, I’ve got to manufacture a story out of fiction if fact isn’t interesting enough. 🙂

      We’ll have to find more electricity first before we can extend our internet activities, but thanks for the suggestion about Flickr.

  3. Very nice! Remind me not to piss off Mrs. GOF.

    • You will be quite safe kimkiminy… my knowledge I am the only human who has ever pissed her off…, I tell lies…..Imelda Marcos annoyed the hell outta her as did another Philippino Rose Hancock who married a rich old Aussie then proceeded to flaunt all of her riches to the remainder of us Australian peasants.

  4. These are terrific! I love those little red-brow Finches – they look cheeky!

    • Thanks Emjay….we hand feed the finches along with the king parrots and emerald doves. The finches come and sit on this verandah noggin just a couple of feet from where we sit and have breakfast. Nice.

  5. Excellent pics, Mrs GOF.

    And GOF, I think your scored a 3 pointer from the other side of the halfway line. Did Mrs GOF happen to yell out “Nothing but net” at that moment?

    • I think I’ll need to check with the official scorer first before I start celebrating Pete. I don’t think I’ve ever scored a 3 pointer in the entire 30 years that I’ve been playing the game. 🙂

      Are you interested in doing some professional coaching for someone who desperately needs it? 🙂

  6. She is so obviously wasted on you!

  7. Wonderful shots!! Please do send Mrs GOF my regards, photographer to photographer. I see she is doing extremely well. That finch photograph is particularly wonderful.

    • Thank you LOM, and she very much appreciates the advice you have provided her during the last couple of years, and she enjoys checking out the photographs you feature on your blog. The finch shot is the first one she took with her new Canon Powershot.

  8. Well done, Mrs. GOF! I particularly love the finches but I do have a thing for birds. I would love to see all her bird shots, I’m sure. Particularly taking into account your location, she could easily publish a book!

    • Thank you MT….She loves bird photography….so far she has “shot” 40 different species of birds which frequent our garden, and I’ll post some more of her photographs in future.

      We recently had a professional bird photographer visit us with $30,000 worth of gear……he snapped away furiously at everything…..each “snap” was 25MB in size.

  9. Avoiding a husband for the “sake” of art – why didn’t anyone share this idea with ME earlier?? 😀

    Art (for me, painting, for many of my friends, photography) is great for the soul. I have to say the red brow finches are my favorite. There’s a nice kind of motion to the birds and needless to say the color is spectacular. Please give my compliments to the woman behind the camera!

    • I’m happy to share ideas Emmy….even those which might be disloyal to my gender. 🙂

      Thanks for your appreciation of the photographs……Mrs GOF will now probably spend six hours a day with camera in hand rather than the usual four. 🙂

  10. Mrs GOF’s got the patience of a saint. The Queen in my cave would have given me a Kim Clijster-backhand, landing me in the ER with a nice story to tell my mates on Monday!

    • I can only encourage your Queen to do this Ninja….we all need to read some good stories like this. 🙂
      Do I detect on your gravitar picture a few gray whiskers appearing from worry?

  11. With three women in the cave, what do you reckon??? I’ve got greys in places I thought were impossible for time to ravage!

  12. The pictures are wonderful! I love the little girl, and the red-brow finches and of course I love the insects, too!

    I think you and Mrs.GOF make the perfect couple. You drive her to new heights of creativity….whatever form that motivation takes!

  13. The honey bee is fantastic.. and the smiling girl..

    Have they gotten the Africanized bees introduced to Australia yet?

    …When I was a student, Australia featured prominently as THE continent where disastrous introductions of random wildlife – species after species – had gone terribly wrong…
    It served as a brilliant illustration of the folly of humans thinking there’d be an easy fix to major ecological problems…

    oof I got away from topic there.. LOVELY pictures to mrs GOF
    – and stay safe from that storm coming up, will you?

    • Thank you Drude.

      The African honeybee was first detected in Australia just a couple of years ago. There is currently an eradication program under way with limited success.
      Rabbits, cane toads, foxes, and an entire catalogue of invasive weeds ..”intelligent” humans have been responsible for their importation.

      We will be doing our best to stay safe during this cyclone….thanks for caring Drude.

  14. Just a quick note to echo Drude’s words – very good wishes to you and your family, GOF. Please stay safe.


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