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Vale: Honda-san 1995-2010

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You came into our lives H-san,
When times were dark and gray.
You gave us hope, and shone a light
So we could find our way.

A big strong boy, it seemed you had
The power of horses, nine.
We saw you slowly growing sick.
Then withering on the vine.

We’ll always treasure the memory, of
Your inexhaustible voice.
The sound of life in a place so quiet, the
Rainforest of our choice.

On nights of blowing wind and rain,
We kept you dry and fed.
But now you’ve gone and left our world.
Deceased, and dodo dead.

Today I stand and wonder will
My life now start anew.
The cash is gone, and just to buy
Another bastard, just like you.



Donations to GOF’s Honda-san Foundation
may be pledged by calling 1800-GOF-SKINT

Honda-san Snr 1995-2010

Honda-san Jnr 2010-

About GOF

"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

23 responses »

  1. *Applause applause*
    Truly a fitting tribute!

    *gets out check book whilst wiping away tears*

  2. Maybe you can hit Oprah up for a donation while she’s there …

    • Maybe she could provide me with a free state-of-the-art NUCLEAR power station GOM….thank you for the suggestion…..I’ll be grovelling in the front row at the Opera House.

  3. I hope you had enough left over to give it a decent burial, GOF….

    • I’m keeping him preserved Snowy, so that I can progressively cannibalise his corpse for spare parts when I need them. There is no limit to my humanity. 🙂

  4. GOF, don’t tell me you’re so off the grid you get all of your power from a little gas-powered generator?

    And are you sure it’s dead? My father has revived older motors than that one, including the one under the hood of my ’96 Toyota Camry.

    • We are completely off the grid HG… many kilometres.

      Solar power provides us with lighting, radio, 1 hour computer, (which is my excuse for being a poor blog neighbour sometimes) and 3 hours television per day. Cooking and heating is gas, and the generator is required for when the sun doesn’t shine (often) and to drive the washing machine and workshop tools.

      And this one is DEAD!!!….well your father could probably breathe a little life back into it, but it is not worth while playing around with unreliable generators….they are capable of doing nasty things to appliances when they start supplying fluctuating voltage.

  5. Only donation I can make – 4 kids….
    hook up a treadmill and get them running (given it’s school holidays I’m sure they need something worthwhile to do)…they just might need feeding occasionally.

  6. Deceased, and dodo dead.!!!! Love it.

    Will knock on neighbourhood doors for you

  7. A lap-harp would do well as accompaniment…The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

  8. Bravo! A wistful work for a huge pile of metal – ultimately you kept it warm and fed, my current car is telling me it’s resentful I would never put forth such effort for my piece of junk American car……

    • Why don’t you write a premature poetic obituary for your car Emmi and leave it lying around inside on the front seat……might scare the hell out of it and it will give you ten more years of trouble-free motoring.

  9. Oh thank goodness – when I read the title I thought you were talking about the motorbike, and my heart stopped.

    My money’s on Kubota-san to cark it next, followed by the cat.

    This is getting morbid.

    • I’m thankful that I am not included in your top 3 predictions. 🙂

      Gotta keep the bike going….I priced a new Posties bike….$4800… Sheesh.

      Kubota-san Senior has already lost his marbles, cooling fan bearings and other assorted body parts…..his days are numbered.

      I’ll pass on your good wishes for the cat to Mrs GOF. 🙂

  10. Now that the multitalented Mrs GOF has fixed the fence, perhaps she will let you hook her up to a treadmill?

    Afterall she is a beneficiary of your blogging by not having to be the sole audience to your poetic genius.

    • Treadmill???? ummm Pete….there comes a time in a man’s life when he knows what he can get away with and what he cannot. I suspect this falls slightly towards the latter category. 🙂


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