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More than just a happy snap

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Your chortling time begins…….now…





And ends about…….now!    Thank you for your restraint.

Photographs of me are not in abundance.
Whenever someone produces a camera I normally find an urgent reason to be somewhere else.  Whilst my visage probably resides within the envelope of normal human appearance, I nevertheless determined early on that I was threatening to cause bulges to appear in the extremities of that envelope.

I recently discovered this old picture and reflected that it captures much more than simply a moment in time.

My life has been blessed with many things.
One of them is some unknown factor which enabled me to always easily accept my lot in life, deficencies and obstacles included, and cultivate a place of lasting inner peace and contentment.
That place is always enhanced by quiet solitude and nature.

I hope I am not wasting your time by telling the story behind this picture.

My parents had a holiday shack, a little tin shed, where we would spend a few weeks camping out each Christmas in the middle of unpopulated alpine forest 120 km from the nearest town of Wodonga.

My young-teenage days were spent mostly alone, trout fishing,  climbing small mountains, and discovering in the bush abandoned gold-miners huts and related relics from a century before.

One day, as I was walking deep in the forest, this bird just unexpectedly flew out of a gum tree, landed on my hat, and every day, perched up there, it accompanied me on my walks.
It adopted me and refused to have anything to do with my parents or other people.  It was unlikely to have been a previously tamed bird because of the absence of permanent human habitation in the area.
As we were not feeding it, or any other birds, there was no motivation for it to accompany me in expectation of food.

When we returned the following Christmas the bird came back out of the bush to me again.
Seeing this long forgotten photograph after so many years reminds me of the valuable early lesson I was given about my connectedness to nature.

Now, several times each week, there is this old geezer who wanders through the Wooroonooran National Park for a couple of hours with an extraordinary degree of inner happiness.
He reminds me of the boy who behaved similarly in Victoria's high country 48 years ago.


These days I don't have a bird sitting on my nut, and I can now see that this marvellous journey has an ending, not too distant, at the far side of the forest.

(Thank you to Freedom Smith for inspiring me to post this photograph and story)

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. I am so glad I inspired you to post this picture and story. I love the picture and the story as well. I must tell you that you threw me for a loop when I read the title of the picture, as we do not refer to our hats or heads as "nuts" but there are other male parts that are referred to with that term. I looked quickly at the picture to make sure there was no bird on your crotch!! Thank goodness not. I had to read your story to figure out that you were referring to a bird on your head, lol. Great story. I think you were a fine looking lad….you, no doubt, are a nice looking gentleman as well, but I feel sure you will keep us in suspense. Your story is amazing….that the bird perched on your head daily as you walked through the woods. I am so glad they took a picture!!

  2. Thanks F.S. I elected the "singular" nut, rather than the plural as some sort of differentiation between the anatomical parts.:-) Unfortunately the big black bird does not show up too well in the picture..

  3. Sorry … the chortling time wasn't long enough … And I'll refrain from any comments using both the words "bird" and "brain" …Nice story, and nice memories

  4. It's also not fair that this post and the one from Freedom Smith, with the picture of the shirtless Taylor Lautner in it, were right next to each other on my "neighbors" page …

  5. It's also not fair that this post and the one from Freedom Smith, with the picture of the shirtless Taylor Lautner in it, were right next to each other on my "neighbors" page … I'll bet that Taylor Lautner regrets the day he had that picture taken.I make him look like such a wimp in comparison, I think I'll go kick a little sand in his face. :-)And of course, thank you so very very much for bringing it to my attention GOM. I know who my friends are 🙂

  6. Good to know you recognize not only the photo as awesome but the blessings and your ability to see them as a part of that.When you cock up your toes, GOF, I hope you and your old friend have nice chats like old times again!-I, too, was sifting through old photos this weekend! I'd blame it on winter (cold, lending itself to indoor activities) but you're quite warm and sunny there. Too bad I'm not seeing a grander picture, just photos.

  7. I wish you would "waste my time" with stuff like this more often, GOF, what a lovely post. I envy you your childhood discovering such magic. And to have an avian companion on your hat? Wow, if this had been a childhood book I would have read it over and over again!
    One thing I didn't have enough of was relics…fossils, petroglyphs. Those take me to other worlds.

  8. Thanks m-t. I notice that you too find enjoyment (and explanations for present behaviour) from your "young m-t" photographs. It's an interesting process.

  9. Thank you Emmi for your kind comments. It certainly was a very formative and special time of my life.Maybe in the future you will have the opportunity to combine your professional qualifications with an archaeological dig somewhere in the world.

  10. Don't stray too close to the edge of the forest just yet, GOF.Part of my enthusiasm for coming home after the weekend was to read more of your adventures. (And feed the chooks)

  11. What wonderful memories GOF. I love looking at people's old photos; I admit I did have a little smirk at first but I got over it well before the space you'd allowed. Did you take many photos with your camera?

  12. Thank you Pete.Part of my enthusiasm for coming home after the weekend was to read more of your adventures. (And feed the chooks)I think you should pay most attention to the chooks …..they have a much more practical use 🙂

  13. Did you take many photos with your camera? I don't think many of the old photos I took with that camera survived. Most were B & W because I couldn't afford to get colour printing done. There are a couple of other pictures of me when I was a little older, but as my stunning masculinity peaked at around age 12, and has been deteriorating for the half a century after that, no more pictures of me are likely to appear on the blog 🙂

  14. How random, a bird on your nut. I feel like I've missed out now, having never had my own nut-bird to accompany me places.

  15. A lovely post, GOF, and as with all the others I have read, never a waste of my time.
    Thanks for yet another insight into your life. 🙂

  16. Thank you PG for reading it.

  17. Pingback: No, you’re not getting anything else. « Step Into The Light

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