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On this, the 66th anniversary of your birth, I still miss your music and your inspiration.

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  1. Aw, I loved John Denver! I didn't realize he was an environmentalist and actor. My sister used to listen to him and his songs were a bit too sad for me to frequent on a regular basis. But I thought his voice and his songs were amazing. Died way too young.
    Great tribute and great photo!

  2. John Denver was an environmentalist before it became popular to be one.Thirty three years ago he founded the non-profit Windstar Foundation for research and education in the fields of environment and sustainability.It was inspirational to listen to him speak on these subjects with such commitment and passion.

  3. Liz got a DVD of John Denver for Xmas and I was surprised how much music he had performed. It has plenty of environmental material mixed in with the music, too.

  4. There is a cheap and comprehensive 2 CD set of John Denver's songs available.Nobody can write a love song better than John. eg Annies Song.


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