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(Another little story about interesting people I have known)

Mr Tiny was the proprietor of Mr Tiny's Juice Bar.
(Ain't some things in life just totally beyond understanding?)

It was the first juice bar established in Cairns during the 1980's when healthy snacking became de rigueur.

Mr Tiny's attracted an almost cult following of hippies and alternate lifestylers who lived in the Daintree rainforest during the week and travelled to Rusty's markets every saturday.

He rarely paused for breath during business hours as he harvested and fed "acres" of wheatgrass and "tons" of other fruit and vegetables into his massive juicing machine.

Mister Tiny's shop was also tiny.
The customer queuing area was probably no more than 3 metres wide and 1 metre deep.

With increasing competition Mr Tiny eventually sold his shop and went into business selling secondhand goods and antiquarian books.
He would also "moonlight" at a local wildlife attraction as an Aussie swagman, telling bush stories to overseas tourists around an evening campfire.

Mr Tiny;  bearded, intelligent, gentle quintessential Australian;
Standing at least six foot six inches tall and weighing in at a well-muscled 20 stone.

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  1. Nice. This is a great idea, I hope you continue these tales! I also enjoy talking about folks I know but when I do it it just sounds like gossip – your post was a real treat.
    Our troubled little city had a really nice cafe owner dare to open up a place downtown, the locals loved it but it failed due to the location. I wish these rustic places could find a way to survive.

  2. I hope you continue these tales!Often you don't have to dig very deeply to find interesting lives having been lived by apparently "ordinary" people.There have been many of them in my life who have no idea that they have influenced my life in some way, or that I have admired the way they conducted their lives.This is my way of acknowledging their contribution to my life.

  3. It's been a long time since I've heard weights measured in stones…

  4. It's been a long time since I've heard weights measured in stones..I am still an avoirdupois animal Emjay 🙂


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