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GOF’s Travel Guide; Cairns to Mossman

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The 60 kilometre drive from Cairns towards the equator is one of Australia's most scenic coastal journeys.  The coastal mountain range rises to 3000 feet on the left with the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef out to the right.

Destination Mossman is a little sugar cane town surrounded by lush rainforest, waterfalls, mist and cloud.
A location direct from the imagination movie set of my childhood.

Along the way there is;

There is also, off to the right, and about to be engulfed in a rain shower, Port Douglas.

Situated on a narrow isthmus, this incongruous tourist development is famous for attracting millionaires, American Presidents, and scoundrel entrepreneurs who feasted on the 1980's financial boom, and subsequently fled to Spain to avoid extradition to confront their fiscal sins.

Port Douglas has only one redeeming feature.

It is the home of genuine Aussie Mocka's pies.

Beyond that, I have my own little surprise for Port Douglas.

I am going to sever the peninsula just seaward of Mocka's boundary, then push the whole catastrophic hideousness, complete with it's flashing navigation beacon, out into the Pacific Ocean where it will navigate it's way on the prevailing westerlies through the Panama canal and attach itself to Miami where it will be with friends.

I have a gut feeling the Pope is going to endow me with Australia's second sainthood for this.

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  1. I see Mrs GOF needs to come home. Immediately.

  2. The drive from Cairns to Mossman is one of my very favourite drives. Unfortunately we missed Mocka's pies as we didn't bother venturing into Port Douglas, as our thoughts on the place are the same as yours, GOF. And take no notice of your cheeky daughter. But I don't suppose you needed me to tell you that…

  3. Oh GOF you should be made King Of Australia for doing that too! Bless you!

  4. I love posts like this because being American, I know nothing about anything — mostly geography and other cultures (that includes quite a bit of "everything else").Some Americans know a great deal but most do not. Any American who knows a great deal will agree with the previous statement regarding Americans! -at least I know thatBEEAUUTIFUL photos and sorry to hear about the Robber Barons moving in. MT supports all acts of geographical anarchy against Them That Take.

  5. Haa! I love your plan for the penninsula. But really, isn't it enough just to be nominated?
    Stunning photos, I sure hope I get to visit there.

  6. I see Mrs GOF needs to come home. Immediately. Not right now while my creative juices are flowing Inga. Besides I've got a big ditch to dig at Port Douglas and she probably wouldn't help me with that project.

  7. The drive from Cairns to Mossman is one of my very favourite drives.Actually Port was built with some restraints on extravagance and ugliness, thanks to the Douglas Shire Coucil which has now gone with amalgamation. There are at least no high rise buildings, and there was some attempt made to keep some "Australianness".(I'll pay token notice to whatever Inga writes……I'm still worried about the quality of nursing home at the end of my road Snowy πŸ™‚

  8. Oh GOF you should be made King Of Australia for doing that too!Thank you, and bless you too FD.King and Saint simultaneously. Wow.I am going to be overloaded with bling.

  9. Stunning photos, I sure hope I get to visit there.Thanks Emmi. Tropical North Queensland around Cairns is still a wonderful experience for tourists. Within easy reach are the Great Barrier reef, rainforests, and the dry inland savannah woodlands.Australia would like to see you someday.

  10. Some Americans know a great deal but most do not.Thanks for your comment m-t. I guess Australians know more about the US simply because most of our television programming content comes from there. Also being geographically isolated we may have a greater inquisitiveness about foreign places.Nature took care of the errant entrepreneur…..he died in Spain after some appropriate suffering.

  11. OH, crap. Well, if it's tele…I'm in real trouble. Hardly watch anything. Knew there had to be something to that.

  12. Hardly watch anythingKeep "not-watching" TV m-t and you'll continue to be a step ahead of the rest πŸ™‚

  13. Yeah but I don't know anything about Tiger Woods and Brittany Murphy (til I get to work and overhear that!) ;p

  14. Absolutely stunning GOF.
    I have only one request though. In your quest to rid the world of places full of Them That Take (and Take That, if you can!) please can you ensure the Daintree plantation (which I believe to be in the vicinity of Mossman) stays right where it is and flourishes and prospers for evermore.
    I really do wish I was there. Broken record, I know, but that's surely one of the reasons this world can still be classed as beautiful

  15. Thanks PeteGraham. You remind me that perhaps it is time for me to visit the Daintree again….it must be 10 years since last we were there. I am sure your tea plantation is still operating….they seem to have a profitable niche market for their product.Keep working on those wishes….they have a habit of coming true.

  16. Double Island and Wangetti beach look absolutely idyllic paradises!


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