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Botanica …….Spring is here

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New frond emerging from a New Guinea Cyathea spp.

Bromeliads are beautiful.

With a very handsome new season unopened pitcher.

Another bromeliad (probably var Costa Rica)

This is the first sign the rainforest gives me every year that winter is over.  A colonising species on the edge of the forest is the first to send out new white shoots which gradually change to green.

I love springtime.  For me, Winter is tedious and nothing grows.
This year has been by far the warmest winter in the 26 years we have been here.  Coincidence?

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  1. Wonderful photos GOF. Yes Bromeliads are beautiful. I love the word "unfurl" – I was so pleased to be able to use it the other day when the firemen did not have to unfurl their hoses.

  2. Look at those shades of crimson, cool. Are bromeliads the kind related to pineapples? I wish we had those growing here (and I'm jealous, we didn't have much of a summer)! 😀

  3. You have such amazing plants in your bit of the world! Nothing exotic grows here because it's too cold and wet. I'm very jealous…That furry looking unfurling thingy is fab, I've never even seen one of those.

  4. Nice work GOF.Gotta see this stuff for myself one day.

  5. Mmmm, my mother grows beautiful bromeliads, as much as she can in her climate. Lovely to see some again.
    As for your question …. yes.

  6. Wow! Rainforests…activate!

  7. Thank you Enjay. "unfurl" is the really appropriate word used by fern growers.It is a wonder of nature that this little vegetative ball opens out into a frond which is 3 metres long and 1 metre wide.

  8. Thanks Ellie.Pineapples are a member of the bromeliad family.Most broms are natives of South America, but there are a few to be found in the southern extremities of the USA. There are currently more than 12,000 varieties with new ones being hybridised every year. Some are suitable as indoor plants, but none of them really appreciate temperatures below 4 degrees C

  9. That furry looking unfurling thingy is fab, I've never even seen one of those. The Australian tree fern (Cyathea cooperi) apparently grows in some parts of the UK…..we were approached some years ago to supply some for export, but as they required one whole shipping container full it was considerably more than we had at the time.

  10. Gotta see this stuff for myself one day.You are welcome, whenever you travel this way Peter.

  11. "As for your question …. yes".Why? 😉

  12. "Wow! Rainforests…activate! "I will pass on your instruction.


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