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Commercial television in Australia lost my regular viewing presence quite a long time ago, (after Mary Murphy had broken my eardrums), with one final act of unforgivable bastardry.

It compressed the rolling credits at the end of The Simpsons down to quarter screen size where I was unable to read them, in order to fill the remaining space with one more inane advertisement.

At my age, the path of life ahead looks too short to waste it listening to MM screaming, and watching television violence and advertising, so I prefer to read books, write blogs, learn how to play the piano, or understand how the Flight Management Computer is programmed on a Boeing 767.

Once a week however, I have been coaxed back to the flickering little screen by a heartwarming and emotionally charged little program called "Random Acts of Kindness".

Ordinary struggling Aussies leading extraordinary lives of sacrifice and service to others are being recognised and given a helping hand by the television station and generous sponsors.
Recent beneficiaries of "kindness" include a Mum who has, during her life, fostered more than 300 otherwise unwanted children, a struggling animal refuge operator, and a wonderful lady who organises free surgery for seriously deformed children from third world countries, and looks after them all while they are in Australia.   

The foster Mum modestly accepted the tributes with "I'm just doing what Mums do".  
Our formal Australia Day honours and Queen's birthday honours are, every year, overloaded with politicians, businessmen and sportsmen.  Not enough recognition is given in this country to women "doing what Mums do".

Congratulations Channel Nine.  It is a superb concept, and I also compliment you on your choice of sensitive and likeable presenters.  Who would have thought the "big fella" Scott Cam would be so perfectly suited for the job.

We are told that violence in the visual media engenders replication in real life.  Now wouldn't it be delightful if television was able to spawn a wave of kindness throughout the community.

The program has certainly caused me to reflect upon my own selfishness, and know that I should be making greater contributions to those less fortunate.

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  1. Unfortunately, Mrs Snowy has exclusive use of the remote control in this house, GOF, so I'll have to take your word for it.

  2. Just "disappear" her remote on Sunday night Snowy.She would probably love the program anyway.

  3. People used to goof on me because I liked watching Extreme makeover HOME edition. I finally stopped watching but they at least HELP people, you know? That's better than some crap MJ special or soap opera!

  4. I find this type of reality television refreshing simply because none of the participants chose to be included, and they would never seek to become minor celebrities either. Just good people being given a helping hand.

  5. To my utter amazement, Master Chef was most educational and has sent me into the kitchen to help the CFO with her masterful constructions. I suddenly started to realise what a good cook she is and mucking in to help has been a buzz for her too.Their web site also has some good recipes too.Whodathunk Channel 10 could do something educational?

  6. It certainly was a complete surprise to me Peter.I am personally impossible to kitchenize, but I was impressed from the little I saw with the judges contributions to the education process.Unlike screaming Mary Murphy on "So you think you can dance".Channel 10 have the Simpsons. Isn't that educational?

  7. I think the Simpsons is philosophical. Especially Homer. He is an American version of Snowy.(Almost)

  8. He is an American version of Snowy.
    No, he isn't. He's smarter…


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