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For my friends in the U.S.

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Wishing you all, citizens and expatriate Aussies alike, a happy Independence Day

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  1. Oooh, just because it's the fourth already there, is no need to get ahead of yourself… well, no need to get ahead of the rest of us … well, no need to brag about it, anyhow.
    Anyone you know celebrate Guy Fawkes day anymore? I used to love that. Maybe I should stock up on some fireworks and start celebrating it. 😛

  2. Thank you. I'll "enjoy" the "holiday" by working.

  3. It was either this or get up at midnight tonight to ensure synchronicity.This is not an appropriate time to brag LOM …..I am embarking on a career of International diplomacy here.I also have wonderful memories of Guy Fawkes day as a kid……huge bonfire and we even used to take our leftover firecrackers to school the following day.Now you need to a Masters Degree in explosives, and an annual refresher course and police certification before you can buy a handful of crackers.My world has gone to the dogs!

  4. Sorry you have to work GOM. Maybe a little celebration after you finish?

  5. More likely before I go. I work at night, and so will be heading off to work just about the time the fireworks displays are going off.

  6. Well thank you – this foreigner will take any day off! Our day off was today – it felt strange having a long w/end with the long component being a Friday. We have friends who celebrate the 4th as Colonial Ingrat's Day.

  7. Have a little of your finest whiskey in your back pocket….what with the fireworks and all no-one will notice 😉

  8. "friends" ??????? 😉


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