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Vale Mollie Sugden and Wendy Richard

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It has been a sad year for those of my generation who were so thoroughly entertained by the long running British television comedy series "Are you being served".
Wendy Richard passed away on the 26 February this year at age 65, and Mollie yesterday at 86.
Thank you Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms for all the memories, and a catalogue of "pussy" double entendres to last a lifetime.
You brought much happiness into at least one young mans life.

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  1. They were great. There were so many good British comedies around in those days. "Man about the house" and "Steptoe and Son" before that.

  2. and a not so young woman.

  3. It is certainly difficult to find any similar comedy shows these days. Sad really….they were simple and full of nonsense, but great fun.

  4. I can understand that British comedy is not widely understood. For us who love it "Fawlty Towers" is probably the pinnacle of the genre, yet so many people from other parts of the world just don't "get it". No criticism implied…..its just that we have wonderful differences in the way we interpret comedy. I have real difficulty in finding much that is funny in most American comedy. ("Friends" excepted)

  5. Viva la difference.Funny how imported comedy themes into the US have to be reworked. Some ars so far removed I think they should not highlight the origins.All in the family came from Till death us do part. Both good shows in their own right but quite different as befits the different cultures.I had heard about Molly but not Miss Brahms. Sad to see a few more stars go. With all the Michael Jackson focus, things tend to get missed in our shallow media.

  6. I'm glad you excepted Friends, as it makes me laugh till this day, every time I see them.

  7. I shudder to think what would happen if you ever got together with Mrs GOF… both seem to enjoy the same programs, although with our limited solar power she has to be very selective as to which one she can watch each day.I must admit liking The Simpsons when I get around to watching it, but I guess it's in a slightly different genre.For me, nothing compares to watching Basil Fawlty belting up his broken down car with a tree branch. "Teaching it a lesson" ;-)))Thanks for your contribution to the topic Mrs P.

  8. I also did not know about Miss Brahms until researching Molly, and it is a little scary knowing that she was not much older than me. I often still listen to her on Radio National as part of the "Just a minute" team with Derek Nimmo etc and it is sad to know that her infectiously happy voice and laughter is no longer with us.I am not familiar with the 2 shows you mention…..I missed out on a whole 12 years of TV when I was in PNG (no great loss methinks).Reminds me of another role model for me in the series "One foot in the grave".

  9. Gee. I have heard plenty of episodes of Just a Minute on RN and never made the connection.

  10. yes, Simpsons, how could I forget that… :)if you ever around these lands, you are more than welcome to my humble abode…then, whilst you cook us lunch, MRs GOF & I (amd SArita, of course, she's attached to the remote control most times I allow her in front of the tele…) can watch our fav programs,,,Fawlty Towers I could watch endlessly, funnily enough, I think they are tinking about re running it.

  11. Cooking!!! Moi????? Do you have a death wish to die of food poisoning? 😉


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