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Architecture; the grand and the grotesque

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Bendigo is one of two historic inland provincial cities in the state of Victoria. Its foundations were laid during the gold rush of the 1850's.

It was my home town for part of my childhood, and I recently revisited it after an absence of almost half a century.

The first two pictures are examples of buildings constructed more than 100 years ago.  The third shows an example of architectural mediocrity which has replaced a grand old theatre which previously occupied the site.

I do not plan to lose any sleep over grand and elegant design being replaced by modern disposable architecture.  I think I should view it more as a challenge.

People of my advanced years apparently need to keep their minds occupied with new information, while embarking upon challenging new projects.

Now I understand this is a fairly long shot given the genteel nature of the residents of my neighbourhood, but does anyone have some residual experience from their misspent youth on how to blow up letter boxes with fire crackers?
Surely someone else could provide me with tuition on how to successfully implode really ugly sprawling modern buildings?

I promise not to hurt any humans, dogs, pussycats, ferrets or flamingos.

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  1. Yes they are lovely old buildings. We've got a few here in Toowoomba, and a lot of the modern monstrosities as well.

  2. All I know is that to succeed in your plan, you will need enough of a boom to displace more than the amount of air the object can store. I never did post boxes, I was always worried that someone else would do one while I had a letter waiting to be posted. That would inconvenience me. However I did a lot of 'work' on irrigation pipework on the local fields where I lived. Oh, the reverberations.

  3. That third picture IS a monstrosity. To think someone probably made a lot of money drawing up the plans for that building that is not worth giving a second glance.Mail boxes here are blue … but still just as ugly. I don't ever remember seeing one like your 1900's version.

  4. I think it is sad that so much modern architecture is of "throwaway" design.In Cairns they built a "state of the art" wharfside tourist complex. Within 10 years the whole thing was demolished… doubt the materials dumped rather than recycled…..and something else built in its place.

  5. Thank you "PG the Reverberator". This is the sort of expertise I need to get hold of.I have a neighbour who occasionally gets his "kicks" out of retrieving old car universal drive shafts from the dump……standing them vertically before lighting a big fire around it……the air inside expands, then with a massive explosion the top half rockets into the sky.P.S. Do not try this if you live in a suburban area!! It may not endear you to any neighbours within a 3 block radius.

  6. Thanks GOM for agreeing with me……it sits right in the centre of Bendigo. A really historic centre which features a beautiful fountain, historic buildings and a gorgeous botanical park opposite. The building is a disgrace to all concerned.Another good thing about the 1900's postbox is that they were made from cast iron or cast steel. Designed to last 100 years and they would probably withstand any attempt to blow them up by adolescent or ageing delinquents.

  7. That sounds like fun, but I have a feeling "setting off large explosions" on my arrest warrant will not help progress my application. I would apply purely for GOF's paradise but I suppose you've no need there for a geek. Not with parrots, injured owls and suchlike roaming freely, although I could live in a small hut and catalogue them on Excel for you…

  8. Had you considered the possibility of employment in North Korea?Both geekness and the ability to "set off large explosions" could well be sought after qualifications on your curriculum vitae.

  9. I have, but not entirely convinced Mrs PeteGraham-to-be, or baby PeteGraham would go for that idea. It's hard enough to convince them life will be better for us where there's a country with a future. Plus I lost a pair of shades in Melbourne, so I'm hoping they will be where I left them.

  10. I do like an optimist ;-)Worry not, Melbourne has natural "shades" ….its called smog.

  11. LMAO! Excellent. A bit like London, only warmer and with more pleasant people. (Well, Globet is there, after all)Ever the optimist. That's one way to describe me. Not necessarily correct, but it's a way I suppose.

  12. …lucky you included the disclaimer, GOF!
    and regarding misspent youth and mail boxes – I am not sharing…

  13. One day it will accidentally come out in your blog. I can wait.

  14. I do have some contacts in the area with some experience in blowing things up…?

    (PS. I know where that first post box picture was taken, and I'm wondering who saw you do it and when they're going to ask me what's wrong with you)

  15. Pete, I gurantee your shades will be where you left them. Melbourne is nothing if not a haven for pure, trustworthy individuals who would never gun down somebody in an Ascot Vale cafe.

  16. I do have some contacts in the area with some experience in blowing things up…?Same people who "babysit" batteries from council earthmoving equipment??If they haven't already twigged that theres "something wrong with me" then I am pretty safe.

  17. Sometimes we should never go back. Many years after my parents had sold the farm and moved on, I went back to visit. I was most unimpressed with everything they had done to the lovely old house and my mother's beautiful garden was basically gone. It was a sad day. The new mail boxes are very ugly. Good luck with your mission!

  18. Fortunately most of my grand expedition back to my childhood was wonderful. This is perhaps the only exception.


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