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Owl in distress

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Birds of various persuasions have featured rather disproportionately in The Bucket recently.
This injured owl wandered into our garden today.
Tomorrow we will take him to one of the wonderful local volunteer
wildlife carers.

I like owls.  I hope he recovers so I can bring him back to eat some rats.  I don't like rats..

P.S.  (I would have asked Dorothy for advice on how to look after it, except that this week we are only communicating through our lawyers 😦

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  1. At first I thought that was a self portrait, GOF. My apologies, owl.Dorothy.

  2. P.S. owl. Make sure you eat the right rat.Dorothy.

  3. What an amazing face! Send some owls my way – there's plenty of that rat food for them!

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  5. They are amazing animals Emjay….not the first one we have had to rescue as they occasionally fall victim to barbed wire fences. I also hear occasionally they misjudge the distance of their prey and fly into the ground at full speed.Perhaps that is what happened to this one.Unfortunately it died 10 minutes ago. Gof and Mrs Gof are sad this morning. 😦

  6. Exactly.Sorry to hear of owl's passing. Dorothy.

  7. Thanks Dorothy. ( I just sacked my lawyers πŸ˜‰

  8. Sad that he died. They are very handy to have around for rat catching … and no litter box to clean out!

  9. I just saw the picture of this beautiful creature. I love owls. Sorry to hear of his passing 😦

  10. I guess he will be replaced by another one taking up his territory. All part of the "grand plan" I suppose.

  11. Thanks Amorette……nice to have you back in the neighborhood again.


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