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Signs of winter in the tropics

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Winter looks really harsh there … lol.

  2. Love those guzmanias, GOF. How long does it take for the pups to get to that size?Just wondering, is that taipan country?

  3. Wow!! Wish my winter looked like that! When we bought our house I was not prepared for the bare dirt look of winter! About the only thing that survived were the azaleas and rose "sticks". I have learnt that most things are "annuals" here! (eg; geraniums!!! who would think geraniums would die!).

  4. I guess I had better get a photo or two of my yard with thick green grass and mud in the chook pen.It's been a surprisingly good year for rain so far.I think you should turn you place into a B & B for blog tourists. It looks very inviting. Make sure the track is still an adventure though.

  5. Its a tough life GOM and I hope my blog adequately illustrates it.

  6. Some of the smaller Guzmania pups will flower in 10 months, but these bigger ones take 2 years. Very slow to build up numbers and we sell very few…..I just get great pleasure from having a shade house full of them.I think in theory we are in taipan country, but its possibly a little too wet, and the only snakes we ever see are brown tree snakes (all the time) and red-bellied blacks (occasionally). All in all it is quite friendly country if you can put up with all the rain.

  7. Mrs GOF has occasionally sent tropical-ish plants to her brother to grow in Minnesota. A couple survived when he remembered to bring them inside for winter. I too thought geraniums would have survived any sort of weather.

  8. I noted the chook pen pictures of yours from some time back and hope the project is going well. Treasure the green grass….in your part of the world it is a rare commodity.GOF and Tourists are incompatibles Peter.Having said that, it would be a rare pleasure to be visited by anyone in my blogging world. (so long as it complies with Gof's law of socialising; i.e. not exceeding 6 people in one place at one time)

  9. The chooks are going along famously. Getting 3 to 4 eggs a day but I suspect they are Jewish. They don't seem to work on Saturdays. Production hit the peak about 2 weeks before Liz had her Cholesterol checked. Now I am tasked with the bulk of the consumption. Actually we are giving away eggs left right and center.The funniest part was when we first got rain. They seemed to be confused by the weird stuff falling from the heavens. Now they head for cover though one seems to enjoy it.

  10. Wow, your garden is amazing! Winter in the UK doesn't look very much like that, in fact most people's gardens during a UK winter just look like a rain-lashed collection of sticks.

  11. Absolutely stunning gardens GOF. The hanging gardens of Babylon have nothing on GOF's paradise.

  12. Careful with chooks in the rain Pete. A recent post of Grouchy Old Man suggests they easily drown by looking up in the rain and water filling their nostrils.

  13. Global warming seems to have had some good effect for us. Normally at this time of year it drizzles for weeks on end with no sign of sun until August. For the past few years this miserable end-of-wet-season has been non-existent.

  14. Thanks PG….it's stunning when the weather is good. Not so stunning at other times.


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