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I have two close contacts living in Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea.  It is a small city which has disappointingly descended into a state of lawlessness since the country gained independence 34 years ago.

Both of these people have had, in separate incidents, guns pointed at their heads to encourage compliance with a "money or your life" request, after which their cars were stolen.
The police are, for the most part unwilling or powerless to act and would probably be outgunned by a superior arsenal of weapons if they chose to confront the gangland headquarters of these "raskals" in squatter settlements on the outskirts of the city.

From this morass of miscreant activity however, comes at least one recent minor example of appropriate law enforcement.
Perhaps (or perhaps not) The Force should adapt the fine example, set by two members of Port Moresby's constabulary, to cases of more serious crime.

They apprehended two men in the act of graffiti-ing public and private property.  Each of the culprits was required, in front of a now assembled audience,  to spray the others body and clothes until all cans of paint in their possession were exhausted.

Justice done, and also seen to be done?

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  1. That actually is a pretty good idea.

  2. Sounds appropriate to me. I'd like to see it tried in Oz as graffiti is one of my favourite hates.

  3. While I was in Japan [struggling with this new phenomenon in the last decade], I had heard that a rural, Australian, country town had implemented a simple but effective strategy to combat graffiti. The idea is simply to ensure that new graffiti perpetrated overnight is sprayed over in the early morning [no matter how rough a job], before most people have a chance to see it. This is something a local citizen's watch group can come to an agreement to do. Spraying graffiti in the middle of the night has much less gratification if you can't parade your friends past it the next day. (I've never been able to find any confirmation or details of this town on the net, though.)

  4. When I worked at a community college, I frequently talked to the cops. They were real policemen, since the college was state-owned…not the "rent-a-cops" types.Anyhoo, one was this lady. Built like a refrigerator, she was. Sadly, I can't recall her name. Point is, when she'd catch underage kids with beer, she'd let them keep the one they had open and make them pour out all the others.She said they frequently cried. We laughed every time she told those stories. Wait! Her name was Donna. Suitable, eh?

  5. My cousin is married to a now retired Victorian policeman. He said that in the olden days they could have dispensed justice like this……not any more sadly.

  6. Thanks for your story…..I have heard some cities have overcome the problem by providing large walls specifically for graffiti artists. I am happy to accept that a lot of the graffitists have artistic talent which could be developed for more useful purposes.

  7. Nice story about the beer m-t.Can't agree that Donna was a suitable name… spoils the image I have of Donna Douglas from my adolescent days watching the Beverly Hillbillies. ;-)I once worked as a pilot for outback cattle stations which were "alcohol free", so every time I flew stockmen back from a few days in town, the manager would meet the plane, hold every item of luggage high off the ground and let it drop. Tears would flow along with the whiskey from shattered bottles within.

  8. Imagine having to walk around with spelling mistakes all over your body!!I'm going with the quick cleanup idea. I'm sure it worked at reducing the amount of public art.

  9. I've got an even better idea. In PNG they can buy a product called "Rat Glue" (not sure if its available in Oz) You paint it on wherever rats are likely to travel and they stick to it… the morning you come along and clobber em on the noggin and throw them out.Why not paint a few big walls white as an attractant, coat the adjacent footpath with rat glue, then come along next morning and truncheon and collect whoever is stuck there.There will probably initially be a few innocent grandma's caught as well, but every good idea needs some fine tuning.

  10. I've got an idea to fix that. Sell the old dears an anti rat glue paint to coat their walking frames. You might even get it on the subsidised medical list. If Viagra can qualify….Do you think I've missed my calling as a Capitalist?

  11. Oh, no! Sorry to muck with your Donna-thing.I meant "dona," which is lady in Italian, since she was the only lady cop I've ever known. My brain is rather muddy most of the time.

  12. Thanks for allowing me to retain my Donna ;-)My Form 4 teacher once told the whole class that I had a brain like an open sewer.

  13. You are just a rampant opportunist capitalist Pete.What you need is a national radio show, broadcast from Sydney, beginning with;"Hello World…..this is PeterMcc"

  14. Strewth.That would give me the chance to kill more folk than the Church.

  15. But you'd get a free Toyota to drive around in.


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