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Movie Review; Sirens

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(Ed;  The Bucket originally received GOF's review of this movie 15 years ago.  The Editorial Committee at that time considered its content inappropriate for publication, and suggested that perhaps he would like to seek employment with one of the journals normally sold from under the counter in tamper-proof packaging.)

Sirens is a delightful yet controversial little celluloid masterpiece which honours the life of renowned Australian artist and sculptor Norman Lindsay.
Set in the grounds of Lindsay's original home in the Blue Mountains, the cinematography effectively captures the exceptional natural beauty of this historic area of our country.

Sam Neill's portrayal of Lindsay, the eccentric, is, like most of his dramatic acting, of the highest quality.  He is more than adequately complemented by Hugh Grant who plays the role of the local parish minister who has taken on the rather onerous task of modifying Lindsay's debaucherous lifestyle.

Perhaps the only flaws to be found in this film are the frequent lengthy appearances of Elle MacPherson, naked in the house, naked in the gardens, and naked frolicking with other nymphs in bedrooms, creeks and on rocky outcrops.
All the superfluous nakedness and frolicking tends to detract from what otherwise would have been groundbreaking cinema.
Despite my numerous entreaties to the Chief Censor, these scenes remained uncut for each of my 9 subsequent viewings of this film.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to endure all that nakedness on our behalf, GOF. Thankfully, you were unsuccessful in your quest to have it removed.

  2. I've seen that movie. I too was shocked by all the nudity. I was also shocked to find it the next time I watched it … and the time after that! Then I was REALLY shocked to find that, when I rented it on video tape, the nudity was still there, and that slowing the video to frame-by-frame playing only extended the nude scenes! SHOCKING!

  3. My teenage brother used to be a very big fan of this film…

  4. GOF givng us the naked truth yet again!

  5. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we thankfully lose.

  6. Its an utter disgrace GOM……just for you I will rent out the DVD so I can give you adequate warning not to look at that too if the nudity has not been corrected…..the world is full of all this shocking debauchery.

  7. He was obviously interested in Australian art, culture and topography.

  8. Always uncovering the truth FD

  9. He certainly seemed to be paying a lot of attention to certain bits of topography.

  10. I'm not sure I ever saw this film. But thank you for your efforts in attempting to clean it up – it's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

  11. Maybe you'll get to tell her of your efforts yourself, GOF.

  12. It was actually quite a good movie….only I suspect too much time was spent on the more lurid aspects of Lindsay's life


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