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Parrots picnic

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  1. I am seriously, seriously jealous! I miss Australia's gorgeous parrots.

  2. At this time of year when there is not much food in the rainforest for them, we have about 50 which squark and carry on in the trees until we feed them.

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I live in a city in the UK and we have nothing like that here, I'm wildly jealous, I want garden-parrots.

  4. The kicker is the bush in the back that mirrors the colorations (almost).

  5. Hmm … this really makes the grackles, sparrows, and starlings my wife's been feeding look pretty drab.

  6. Apparently for a fee (probably a significant proportion of the proceeds of selling your house) you can buy one of these King Parrots from smugglers who sell them around the world.

  7. Thanks for pointing that out m-t….I would like to claim deliberate artistry.Suspect you might know better.They are South American bromeliads.

  8. A grackle???? I would love to see a picture of a grackle.

  9. I'll try to get one … they are just rather ugly large black birds.


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