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Happy Birthday Globet

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My little girl is 27 today.

Anyone who has followed my bloggery for a while will know that I have a pretty special relationship with Glob.  One that will survive, even after I have chosen to publish the picture of a pile of cassowary shit in honour of her birthday.

Please let me explain why it is so.

Globet was 9 months old when we moved to GOF's Paradise, an isolated, undeveloped 46 acre patch in the middle of the rainforest.  Along with Mrs GOF we had one old ten foot long caravan to live in during that wet season of 1983 until we built a little house.
Access to civilisation involved travel along 7km of deeply rutted, rain sodden logging track meandering through the jungle.  No other vehicles regularly travelled along this track, for frequently it was impassable even to four wheel drives.  In the early years we had a Ferguson tractor located at the top of the 7km….we parked the car there and commuted to G.P. by tractor.

The road had only marginally improved by the time Globet started school.  For the purpose of getting to the school bus stop she pillion-passengered with me on a little Honda CT110 "postie bike" until, after grade 7 with her long legs dragging on the ground we upgraded to a taller CT 200.

It often took more than 20 minutes to travel these 7 kilometres, and, when the road surface was too slippery or boggy, or frequently when trees had fallen across the road, we would have to make our own detour through the forest.

In her 11 years of primary/secondary school education the Glob/Gof motorcycling unit clocked up 30,000 km of slipping and sliding, and at least 495 hours of unique commuting time. 
We got very wet and we often got cold, but we had some fun along the way.  We shared stories and experiences and we bonded.
And not once did we ever fall off.
Those who ride motor bikes will know that successful pillion passengers must have both a sense of balance, and faith in the drivers ability.  Globet had both.

I commenced this piece with a paternalistic reference to my "little girl".
She is no longer my little girl, but in every conceivable way my equal as an adult.  An adult possessing far more knowledge, poise, wisdom, maturity and sensibility than I had at her age.

Just as she trusted me all those years ago, so it is that I will happily hand over to her, and all the other equally caring and concerned members of her generation, the reins of stewardship of this world.  This planet, which my own generation has so deplorably pillaged for profit, overpopulated, polluted, misused, and filled with inequality, hatred and warfare.

So today, my dear Globet, is your special day.
And mine, to remember it all.

And why the cassowary shit?
It is part of her unique life experience, understanding that by dipping your big toe into a pile of cassowary poo and estimating its core temperature a useful determination can be made of just how long ago the bird passed by.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Happy birthday, Globet! You chose your parents well. And many thanks for the tip on cassowary shit, GOF. I take it if it's warm, you start running…

  2. Oh happy birthday to the Globet! This is a wonderful post and reminded me of a similar relationship I had with my father when I was young. There really can be a very special bond between father and daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Goblet….and yes, such a beautiful scenario, beautiful relationship, beautiful post….

  4. When you see the steam rising from it, then you run like hell ;-)People actually collect the seeds from within, because, having been "processed" they are then ready to plant.

  5. Thanks Emjay. In a world full of broken relationships of all sorts it is just a real blessing to read about those which are good.It was my pleasure to write about my experience.It also saved me five bucks buying a birthday card with somebody elses thoughts on it 😉

  6. Thanks for your story too MrsPeel. No doubt you will also have a similar or even stronger bond with Sarita as she grows to understand that you are also filling the dad role in her development, based on the good relationship you had with your own dad.There is always time to remember Globet as my little girl, but I have to publicly say the right thing or one day she might not be as diligent as she should be when it comes to finding a nice retirement home for me.

  7. Happy birthday to the Globlet, may she have a fantastic day!
    Every girl has memories of doing something with her dad because most girls are daddy's girls. Mine is of 'helping' my dad build furniture in the garage (before he started the nursing home, after that we didn't see him so much because he was working 90 hour weeks) with the little brown radio that he got back in the 1970s reciting the football scores. Happy days. I'm nearly 30 now but secretly (or not so secretly because everyone seems to know it) I'm still daddy's girl at heart! I'd lay a substantial bet that Globlet is too….

  8. Happy Birthday Globet! 27 is a wonderful age. For me, I was set free. For Mrs PeteGraham-to-be it was an age where she gave us both a wonderful baby boy.
    Your story and vivid remembering of yours and Globet's early years right up to present day have actually lifted my spirits today GOF and for that I thank you, just as I imagine Globet thanks you for being the father figure you were and still are.
    Congratulations to you on bringing such a wonderful girl into this world (GOF's paradise indeed) and to Globet, for reaching such an age and still being your 'little girl'. She always will be.
    Am I right in thinking the cassowary is the bird featured on the front of the Daintree tea box, with an incredibly hard head and large talons? From what I remember at the zoo, they certainly didn't appear to be the sort of bird to have a natter with. Can disembowel a man or beast with ease.

  9. Super, duper, excellent post. Happy Solar Return to Globet. -and good job, daddy!

  10. Happy birthday (by now birthday +2, I'm sure), to Globet.

  11. Thanks Vicola for your story too. I am finding it quite uplifting to read these nice stories of dads and daughters, in a world where so much goes wrong with family relationships.

  12. Thank you PG and it pleases me greatly to think that something I wrote was of value to you. I am sure you will be an even better Dad for your little boy. We both share similar backgrounds which makes us especially appreciative of the relationships we now have. Care for each other. Little else matters in this world.It would be a cassowary on the Daintree tea box, and they certainly are not to be trifled with when they are raising chicks.

  13. Thank you m-t. Its easy to write about things you care about.

  14. Thank you GOM on behalf of Globet. She will be along to read everything personally and will appreciate your wishes.

  15. Happy birthday Goblet.Will the blogging world be graced by another family member imparting her view of this wacky world?

  16. She actually has a vox blog which she used regularly until I accidentally lobbed into vox last year and spoiled her party. Sadly she writes in a similar style to me……one of those genetic afflictions i passed on to her.

  17. First Obama gains the White House then another GOF hits the blogs. Is this a good year or what?

  18. I'd like to point out that Globet was blogging back when this GOF bugger still thought You Tube was a brand of toothpaste.
    And many thanks to everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes.
    Especially my delightful old man.

  19. Everyone, may I please introduce Globet 😉

  20. Nice to meet you, Globet. You educated him well…

  21. I went and read some of her blogs. She is definitely your daughter …

  22. We have the same psychiatrist to sort through our issues


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