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Nibbling at the corruption cake

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My little Scrap Bucket as you no doubt have discovered, contains errors of spelling and grammar, and an occasional lack of diligent research.  
I would like to claim however that most of my writing follows a period of serious thought and contemplation, and reveals a rationale, flawed though it may often be, which appeals to my sensibilities.    
Accordingly, after some weeks of deliberation I am now ready to pass comment in the matter of a high ranking Australian politician who had accepted airfares to China paid for by a Chinese businesswoman.  

Of course, being a naive, innocent and trusting lad, I was initially astonished and amazed to know that this sort of behaviour existed amongst our revered parliamentary representatives.

Explanation;  "It was important for me to go and develop a good
                        working relationship with China"  and
                      " she was my friend".

Yeah,   right!

If it was important for Australia, why did he not pay for it himself and in the process earn a few patriotic brownie points?
And, why do I not have friends like that?  Let me explain.

I have not been offered even a local bus fare by any of my friends.
Not because they are a tight fisted lot, but because they realise I am a fiercely independent old bastard who does not wish to be, or be seen as, being in anyones debt.

I have friends because I enjoy their company, intelligence, conversation and wit. Included are some very special friends who have proven to me over a long period of time, that they comply with my "trustworthiness trifecta".   
That rule states that I would unhesitatingly trust them with my money, my wife, and my property, and not necessarily in that order.

In 60 years, those who have qualified for the latter status are numbered less than the full complement of fingers I have on a single hand.
And I feel blessed to have found so many.

They would neither offer me, nor expect me to offer them a free flight to anywhere.  

But please forgive my little digression.

Why would any politician presently in, or aspiring to high office be so dumb as to accept large gifts which are bound to resurface in political debate as evidence of compromised integrity?

I happen to be a great admirer of Australia's current Government and Prime Minister.

However, lets call a snout, regardless of its political colour, a snout.
Those who provide swill for the trough from which it feeds, will, sooner or later, come dreaming of a little bacon.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. I don't have a problem with accepting the trip but I do think they should be declared even when you are in Opposition.What really scares me is if you can forget such a thing it would indicate you get so many freebies they no longer stand out in your memory.Can't remember the last free lunch I had that didn't have strings attached. (Thanks Microsoft, by the way.)

  2. I strongly agree that it was foolish of him. My only excuse for him is that it was when they were in opposition and I believe that they do not receive a lot of funding for overseas travel in opposition and so it is common for this sort of arrangement…I can't help feeling that the defence guys or his own public defence office are out to get him, rightly or wrongly I don't know….I hate this side of politics no matter whom…

  3. This sort of thing goes on in American politics all the time. It's supposed to be reported, but isn't always … and usually comes back to bite them in the ass. After awhile, they become so used to this that they don't see anything wrong with it … and then want to campaign as "one of us."

  4. I guess we are accustomed to "getting away" with whatever we can…..starting in childhood and it probably never ends.

  5. It is possibly precisely this sort of behaviour that makes the very best of people decide not to embark on political careers.

  6. If I was the PM I would have sacked him, then waited whilst his faction discovered a bucketload of devious activities from my own past, moved a no-confidence vote in my leadership, demoted me, refused to endorse me at the next election, after which I would be forced to go live anonymously in the bush somewhere.I don't know why I went into politics anyway.;-)

  7. In my city of guns, gangs and murders our Mayor accepted some free baseball tickets from the stadium developer. I think they were meant to be given to constituents or other city council members for distribution, however he did nothing with them – apparently, they were not used at all. We then had days of council meetings where the issue was discussed and fought over. Reporters approached the mayor for comment etc etc. It got huge amounts of press coverage until taken over by swine flu. I couldn't care less about the damn tickets but I do care that so much time was wasted over the issue when there are much bigger problems with this city!

  8. Thanks Emjay. I am sure similar scenarios are played out all around the world. The game of politics instead of getting on with what needs to be gotten on with.


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