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GOF and Globets Magical History Tour

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I have just returned from a fantastic week revisiting and reliving my childhood.
Every location brought back an emotional recollection of places and events forgotten during the subsequent 50 years. The journey provided for me a reassuring certainty that my years from 5 to 12 provided the mould for the adult I was to become.

Growing old is renowned for not having too many advantages attached.  I thought I might have stumbled across a new one.

GOF, with Globet in tow, arrived unannounced at each of his childhood abodes and provided a suitably suave and debonair introduction to the current owners;
"Good afternoon Sir,  My name is GOF, and, in the middle of the last century I lived in this house."

My performances earned entry, tea, biscuits, and cakes at each location, plus one jar of apricot jam, together with an escorted tour of each property.
I was beginning to dream of wider applications for my new and obviously convincing social skills.
My pride in the power of seniority was however short lived.
Globet removed me from my newly acquired pedestal by suggesting that had I not been accompanied by an attractive young woman at the time of these introductions, then I probably would have had doors slammed in my face, and been arrested for vagrancy or impersonating a religious salesman.
So, unfortunately it is time to quit while I am ahead.

That's what I like about Globet. She keeps me from exceeding my station in life.

I also enjoy immensely her company and sick jokes.
Thank you Globet for uncomplainingly allowing me to throw a large spanner into your social works, and for your tolerance of all my repetitious life stories.  You are now free to clobber me if you hear them one more time.

The last week has, for me, included some of the most wonderful days of my life.  I suspect also that when Globet gets to my age she will not have forgotten the time when she had fun with her Dad on a little road trip.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Glad you had a good time, and I'm sure your daughter will remember.We tried the same type of trip with my mother … but not only is the house no longer standing, the whole town is gone! Did Mrs. GOF enjoy your time away too?

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm sure my children have been driven mad by my repetitious telling and retelling of growing up in country NSW. A few years ago I took them on a road trip from Sydney – I don't think they were really "feeling" the nostalgia! LOL.

  3. plus one jar of apricot jamI say that was for you and you, alone but having Globet on your arm certainly added to your "oh, let him in, will you" appeal.Very cool. Sounds like an excellent trip!

  4. What happened to your whole town??Two years ago I tried to find another house my parents lived in but it had been replaced my high density apartments. Quite disappointing.And Mrs GOF… she likes to umm err "communicate" regularly I suspect when I get next months phone bill I shall know more …..but she was definitely pleased that I did not come back early again.

  5. We have an obligation as parents to give them too much rather than too little information 😉 Thats my excuse anyway. I think kids have to be a certain age before they "get" the nostalgia bit. I know that Globet understood my need to do this trip and the emotions I felt.

  6. The jam was in memory of an old apricot tree that I remembered from 45 years ago, but only died and was removed last year by the present owners.I have to admit that Globet does slightly raise the level of "attractiveness" of us when we travel as a pair.

  7. The town was a small one that was built strictly for oilfield workers. When the drilling was done, the town died out. Or – actually – moved a few miles closer to the highway. The part of the town my mother lived in no longer exists. The house was probably moved to the "new" town … but we didn't look for it.


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