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In the early 1950's my parents bought 240 acres of almost soil-less quartz and clay at Castlemaine, Victoria, in a 20" p.a. rainfall zone and attempted to make their living from dairying. 
It had previously been used as a prison farm to keep inmates usefully occupied.
Mum and Dad, with assistance from extended family built this house in 1953, and it has recently been modernised and renovated by the present owners.
These days it also has electricity connected.

The prison gatekeeper was responsible for screening visitors to the farm.  The building was used by little gof as the worlds most fantastic cubby house equipped with stove and fireplace.

Confronting this building after almost 50 years was an emotional experience for me.  With my Dad often in hospital, Mum and I would hand milk 20 cows before and after school.  My school was 3 miles away, although often a much longer distance with my bicycle detours exploring bush tracks.
Milking machines were installed in 1956.

This monument is an indication of the regard that people in many country towns have for those who fought for the freedoms we now have. 
We coincidentally visited here on the Anzac remembrance day weekend.  

For the ultra modern gentlemen of the world who would like to emulate GOF's chic ensemble, he is wearing a pleasing denim and wool combo, with vinyl jacket, and crowned by a unique and stylish item of oriental knitwear, hastily obtained from a secondhand shop for $2, to stop his ears from freezing off.

4 degrees Celsius.  What more needs to be said!

Victoria is unsuitable for human habitation.

For at least one human anyway.

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  1. A few days ago, 4C (39.2F) would have felt pretty good! (Found an easy converter at, by the way).It's nice to take walks down memory lane once in a while. It's amazing how much my old school buildings have shrunk, and how the nice quiet neighborhoods I rode my bike around in are not safe for children to be out in anymore.

  2. There was also a dam on the property where I used to paddle around in homemade canoes… was very large when I was a kid, but it seemed to have shrunk by about 50% when I saw it this time.It is certainly sad that children do not have the same safe environments to grow up in that we had.


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