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Astronomers have the milky way,
Painters, a morning sunrise.
Ballerinas, Dame Margot Fonteyn.
Physicists, Isaac Newton.
Freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela,
Archaeologists, Egyptian ruins.
Harmonica players, Larry Adler.
Mountaineers, the Eiger
Glider pilots, soaring eagles
And GOF has his scrap bucket.

Oh well, nine outta ten aint bad.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Some additions perhaps.Financial advisors, Larry AdlerCEO's, Ken LayFans of population control, The Pope (but only after being born with AIDS)and on the positive sideGuitarists, plenty, including Bruce Matheski and Chet AtkinsHumanitarians, the Red Cross/CresentDeveloping Nations, Micro creditI feel better now.

  2. and….humanitarians Fred Hollows, and Doctors without borders.guitarists….last year we had the pleasure of seeing Bob Brosman in concert.Totally nuts, but an unbelievable array of world string instruments including a guitar with 20+ strings. Fantastic concert.I am happy you feel better now…..please feel free to come and purge yourself in the bucket any time you feel like it 😉

  3. Bob Brozman. What a legend!!He played in Geelong at The Limelight but sadly that venue hasn't operated for about 2 years. I must Google him up and see when he is down this way.High energy chap and yes he does have a terrific selection of guitars. We were the only 2 there wearing anti Bush Tee shirts the night I went along.

  4. He played at the Cairns "Tanks" venue….old wartime fuel tanks now converted into concert halls inside the botanic gardens. He found a unique way of avoiding the whole applause/ encore business at the end of the show, by picking up his ukelele for the final song, wandering around the audience playing it, then simply disappeared out the front door and into the gardens never to be seen again ;-)Cool dude.

  5. He won the crowd over by apologising for being American when he came to Geelong. He was supposed to be applying for citizenship at the time.He has a great sense of humour too. Check out the lyrics on the Backward Blues. My dog hasn't left home, my shoes fit, I have plenty of money, my wife loves me. Definitely un-blues like.I have getting a guitar lesson from him on my to do list.Not coming to Oz this year by the looks of it. Bob's tour dates


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