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Mysteries of life #22; Eyebrow plucking

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Regular readers will remember that not long ago I found myself in a wee spot of bother in a shopping centre.
I am unable to elaborate further because the whole sorry saga is still sub judice.
Suffice to say that I have lifted my game, and my line of sight.

I have discovered the fascinating subject of plucked, pruned, and partially bulldozed eyebrows.
Personally I have always considered bushy eyebrows to be an attractive component of womens natural beauty.   I am however cognisant of the fact that I possess perhaps more than my fair share of peculiarities.

What I now see both intrigues and amuses me.
Faces where eyes are enclosed within scrawny quotation marks. (they used to be called inverted commas until someone messed with my language)

Each mark an elongated island within a sea of angry crimson bearing witness to the pain and suffering which must have been required during the manufacturing process.

It should be noted for purposes of balanced non-sexist reporting, that I am equally perplexed by the early twentieth century phenomenon of men sporting "pencil thin moustaches" as an underscore for their probisci.

Humans certainly do come up with some imaginative and unsuccessful procedures to improve upon what is natural and beautiful.

Next port of call;  tattoos.

After that I will probably have offended 100% of my readers and The Bucket will rightfully float into unused rusting oblivion at the edge of cyberspace.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Well my bushy eyebrows shall be remaining on this blog. Not that that helps at all with retaining your other readership.

  2. I live for the day when my youngest daughter becomes proud of her McCarthy heritage eyebrows.I think they are an essential part of dreaming of entering politics.

  3. My eyebrows are sparse and I do not get why people do that super-fine line. Or how about the women who are apparently so obsessed with not having a uni-brow that their eyebrows START at the iris? That's not attractive. I mean, if you hate your eyebrows that much, shave them completely off, right? Am I weird? Well, I am but that's weirder.

  4. I remember a time when eyebrow pencils were in use … either to enhance the eyebrow or to redraw it in after it had been plucked out.Body modifications of all sort intrigue me. Especially when done by someone claiming to want to do them because of their 'originality' … all the while doing the same thing thousands of others are doing. Yet, my motto on this subject is – "People are free to do whatever they want to themselves, and I am free to have an opinion about it."I remember hearing a comedian on a late night talk show here in the States talking about being on a subway. Another passenger was a young man with multiple facial piercings, tattoos, and a green mohawk. Another passenger was a homeless guy. While everyone else on the train tried their hardest to NOT look at the "embellished" young man, the homeless guy got up and stood right in front of him staring right at him. After a minute or so, when it was apparent the younger man wasn't appreciating the attention, the homeless guy said – "What? That's what you did all that for, right? So people would look at you?"

  5. Nice comment! (subway)I'm a natural redhead (going grey and rather dishwater blonde now), so my facial hair (eyebrows, eyelashes) are basically translucent. I've always used brow powder and pencils and they're readily available in makeup lines, so I guess it's still a matter of choice.

  6. A readership of one is OK with me LOM…..its quality that counts:-)

  7. It worked alright for Menzies, Peter ;-)(For non Aussies, our Prime Minister during the 1950's whose face occasionally appeared from behind the eyebrows)

  8. Thanks m-t, and worry not about weirdness….I understand you totally;-)

  9. Thanks for the great story GOM.Yesterday on radio they were interviewing a 65 year old guy who had spent a lifetime accumulating tattoos of Australian wildflowers, which now completely cover him from neck to knees.I can only wonder whether perhaps some of the original ones are not wilting rather badly by now.

  10. On the subject of eyebrows, I see Tammy Faye Bakker died last year. That meant 4 eyebrows less in the world at that moment in time.

  11. I should not be disrespectful of the departed so I choose to say nothing;-)


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