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Just to remind me……

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……that if this photograph is genuine, then I share an extraordinarily beautiful planet.

If it is not, then it reminds me that some of my fellow humans possess a wonderful imagination, and enviable computer skills.

Does anyone have any idea where I might find this sort of scenery?

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  1. New Zealand? It looks like pics I've seen of New Zealand. I'd love to go to New Zealand but sadly to do that from the UK costs about £2000 which is roughly £1500 more than I have for my holidays so it's going to remain a dream that one day I'll hopefully have the cash to fulfil. The pic could also be somewhere like Colerado. Wherever it is, if it's real, it certainly is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions Vicola.I should be ashamed to admit it, but I have never been to NZ… is only a couple of hours flight from here and no visa difficulties, and they also drive on the correct side of their roads. I have never met anyone who had visited NZ and been disappointed by the experience.

  3. It looks like a lot of the landscapes I have seen in the Rocky Mountains, above about the 10,000 feet level. I have seen weather like this up there too, but was not lucky enough to catch a rainbow amidst the mottled sunshine. Gorgeous photo!


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