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Bufo is not amused

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When he was young he used to smile.
Not any more.     
With good reason.
He is hated, despised and discriminated against.
Yet he is the innocent victim of a single act of stupidity.

One hundred of his ancestors were toad-napped and forcibly relocated from their native South America, via Hawaii, to Australia in 1935 by humans.
Highly educated humans who had delusions of their ability to manipulate nature.

Bufo was set to work in a sugar cane plantation at Gordonvale, North Queensland, to eat two species of the cane beetle pest.
He discovered lots of wonderful things to eat in and around the cane paddock, but by dint of personal preference, or maybe toad religious doctrine, cane beetles unfortunately rarely passed his lips.

Other natural wildlife tasted so good on Bufo's palate, that all the rellies now occupy 5% of Australia's landmass in a rapidly expanding search for delicious new dietary ingredients.

Bufo of course is not the first animal to display this sort of adventurous behaviour.

Another species, from origins many thousands of years ago in the heart of Africa, managed to spread across and overpopulate much of planet Earth, destroying entire ecosystems as it went.

Bufo's sad expression merely reflects the gross inequity of his species being so unfairly maligned, hated, and a target for destruction.

He also has serious misgivings about human ability to conduct sustainable and sensible ecological planning and practice.

That makes two of us.

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  1. Highly educated humans who had delusions of their ability to manipulate nature.How many "pests," whether plant or animal do I curse along with the aholes who thought it wise to import for their "helpful" behaviors? Aholes.

  2. Thanks m-t. Occasionally it works. Once upon a time someone educated beyond his intelligence imported prickly pear cactus to Australia….it invaded thousands of acres of this country. But then they imported a bug to eat the cactus, and in a very short space of time most of the cactus was gone.


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