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Toni Childs concert

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Only 3 sleeps to go.

Tomorrow it will only be two.    🙂

S l o w   d o w n   t h e   e x c i t e m e n t  o l d  f e l l a.
L i m i t e d  n u m b e r  o f   h e a r t b e a t s  l e f t.
R a t i o n   e m.   

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  1. Enjoy yourself … I'm not a concert fan myself. Not too fond of crowds, and REALLY not fond of paying $50 each to look at the backside of the person in front of me (who decides he wants to stand all through the concert), and listen to the person behind me (who decides it's a sing-along event) …

  2. I have to admit paying $100 to attend this one. It is primarily a Jackson Browne concert….now I know nothing about this dude except presumably he is Mrs Browne's little boy Jackson. I have been a huge fan of Toni Childs for 20 years, and she is the support act, and unlikely to ever return to our little town, so its now or never.I personally find a good concert very uplifting, and I must admit Ozzie audiences for this sort of music are usually well behaved and considerate.


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