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Macular degeneration and canola oil

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Edit November 2013……..It is now 5 years since I was diagnosed with MD and eliminated canola oil from my diet.  At a recent eye examination which included photographic scan, no traces of macular degeneration could be detected.  This might not be conclusive scientific evidence …….but quite frankly I don’t care.  😉


I feel obliged to pass on information recently received from my optometrist.
Many within his profession apparently are convinced of a link between dietary canola oil and progressive macular degeneration.

Having early symptoms of the disease, I elected to remove canola from my diet.

Easier said than done.

Food manufacturers have insidiously added it to a huge range of foodstuffs, often disguised on the ingredients label as the generic “vegetable oil”.

In Australia, many breads include canola, and I have also discovered it in the most unlikely products such as baked beans, sultanas and even powdered coffee mixtures.

For my purposes I now assume vegetable oil = canola oil, until labelling becomes more specific.

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  1. Thanks, I hadn't heard that. My mother had macular degeneration, so I suppose I should be on the look-out for it.

  2. That's weird. My opthamologist told me several years ago to take Flaxseed oil capsules. I told him I already took 1kmg a day and his response was, "Take more."I love EVOO so much that I pour it on veggies sort of as a condiment. I wonder if using those healthier oils helps curb the negative effects of canola?

  3. Even if its not true, for me it is not worth taking the risk.

  4. From my limited understanding of the subject, any diet high in antioxidants does compensate for the poor dietary components.


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