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The Schools Spectacular is the annual talent showpiece for the primary and secondary schools in the Australian State of New South Wales.

Spectacular indeed.  An extravaganza of talent.

With a cast of 3000 children, including a youth orchestra, it features all genres of music from opera to rock, ballet, and acting.
It is a choreographical and costume masterpiece, performed in front of an audience of thousands as well as being televised nationally.

So many of the young performers have an extraordinary gift of talent, and a maturity in performance well beyond their years.

They gave me goosebumps with their vocal talent.
They performed an emotional musical/acting tribute to soldiers (often not much older than themselves) killed in war.  
They made me proud to be Australian with their flawless rendition of that beautiful song "You Raise me Up", in tribute to the assembled teachers who had brought them to this moment of achievement in their young lives.

They are a credit to their parents, teachers, Australia and themselves.

Many of my generation take every opportunity to criticise the young.
For those seeking confirmation of all that is good and praiseworthy about them, the Schools Spectacular provides ample evidence.

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    You can see the performance through the link in the last section of the page. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the link LOM. It was also repeated on TV but I'll watch it again.And Snowy, thank you.


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