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There!  No deceptive title. I've said the two magic words seemingly most feared and avoided worldwide by politicians, theologians and business organisations.

There seems to be very little discussion of population control taking place in the public arena.  Even less in political campaigning, religious synodry, or economic analysis, for all these fields of human endeavour have a vested interest in an ever increasing human population.

No lesser person than Sir David Attenborough (a scholar of both the environment and human behaviour) has drawn our attention to the fact that NOW is the time to address the incapacity of the earth and our technology to produce food for a significantly larger population, whilst maintaining some semblance of natural environment.

Numerous conferences discuss global warming, pollution of environmental atmosphere, land and ocean, AIDS and other viral epidemics, poverty and starvation, desertification, and the diminishing supply of the worlds potable water supply.
Am I just totally dumb, or are not every single one of these issues directly attributable to, and symptoms of, overpopulation of the planet by humans?

Very occasionally an intelligent outcome is achieved from a talk fest. Such was the Kyoto Protocol which was subsequently ignored by the USA and Australia in order to perpetuate their economic growth at any cost.
Fortunately most participants agreed to a reduced cap of greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, why not address the base issue here, and agree to a population cap for every country on earth.
High birth rates in third world countries are resultant from inadequate education and a lack of access to health resources.  It is also a family defence mechanism against a high mortality rate.

In developed countries there is no longer any excusable or legitimate justification for producing large families.
Self glorification or a public demonstation of fecundity are no longer  acceptable grounds for procreation.  The Australian Governments $5000 reward scheme for baby production is an example of political expedience over logical thought and long term vision.

I rarely get angry about anything I cannot control. Human ignorance and stupidity is an exception, for, theoretically, it should mostly be avoidable.
We, all humans on this little rock in the universe, are tenants in common.  What happens on one side of the world affects the other.  We have one constantly recycling air and water supply and limited physical resource of land on which to live and produce food.

So where are the aspiring political and religious leaders willing to address the issue.  Of course there are none.  Instead we have the Pope, Sarah Palin wishing to take fertility control out of the hands of individual women, and $5000 baby bonuses.

I give up.  Sometimes I choose to blog about some really dumb stuff.

P.S.  World human population is predicted to increase by 1 BILLION in the next 12 years.

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  1. You know, this is an interesting subject you've brought up. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I mean, not on the actual attempt at a form of "control" but I wonder if nature hasn't been attempting some population control of its own as I've noticed more and more folks my age are faced with the difficult challenge of conceiving without some sort of fertility intervention.
    I appreciate your comments on my blog as I talk about a lot of dumb stuff. And, this was a pretty funny post.

  2. I think you are right H.H. and if humans themselves do not exercise some sort of self control, then I am sure nature one way or another will restore some balance.I enjoy reading your forthright blogging style.

  3. I don't think this is dumb at all, as it also ties into a lot of other important issues.
    Nature will probably control the human population in the same way that it controls the wildlife population (though I only had one course in wildlife biology, so I am by no means an expert). Using deer as an example: In a time when there is plenty of food the deer population will bloom, it will grow to such a large number that they will soon exhaust their food supply and many of the deer will die of starvation. The decreased population allows the food to grow back again giving the deer more food and the whole cycle repeats.
    The only difference between us and the deer is that we've been able to postpone our eventual starvation period, but nature will always override anything we can come up with to set things in order.

  4. Thank you G&K for the example of deer populations.Humans have somewhere along the way developed such arrogance that they feel they are immune from the laws of nature.The only exception to this ignorance are the humans in Africa who would be totally aware that in the final analsis, nature wins.

  5. Thanks for your consideration. I am at the age now when I just can't stand the B.S. anymore. I think the blog is a good platform to let go of some of that. Unfortunately, it can't be helped that many people are offended by that.
    I'm not much for the "cotton candy clouds" and insincere euphoria, but I'll enjoy gobbling up the cotton candy when given the chance 😉

  6. The world needs to know your own personal truth.Leave the bullshit to the politicians.


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