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Mysteries of life; #17 Bananas

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Why do the hands on bunches of bananas point upwards on the banana tree?
They only serve as a receptacle for bird shit, and a place of residence for spiders and cockroaches.
If they were more sensibly growing downwards, gravity would assist us to have longer bananas.

Possible explanations;

(a) Late on day 6, God, in His infinite wisdom, and generally pleased with His Creation, decided to insert some novelty items.

(b) Late on day 6, God realised the gravity and error of creating Man in his own likeness.  Realising that Man would eventually completely overpopulate and trash Earth, the jewel in His celestial body portfolio, He resorted to sorrow-drowning with a mixture of mead and fermented grapes. Bananas were designed very late that evening.

(c) Late on day 6, God deliberately designed the banana His way, waiting for some impudent human to question His wisdom and sobriety, as a trigger to unleash His awesome wrath on the entire human race and the universe.

Does God have access to the internet?

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  1. Silly (60 year) old fool. They grow upwards so God can put the bend in them. If they grew downwards they would be straight bananas, and whoever heard of that…

  2. There are moments when I just know I could never survive without your wisdom Snowy. I thought maybe God was the first Mr Squiggle and Miss Jane forgot to invert the original blueprint prior to manufacture, but now I know better.(Australian readers only will understand the last sentence…maybe)

  3. I know. It gets to be quite a burden sometimes. I do have to say that I am impressed with your Mr Squiggle theory though. Makes us much sense as some other religions I can think of…

  4. the banana tree came in a flat pack and the instructions were written in English by someone who only spoke Chinese?

  5. Where would I be without my lateral thinking friends? 😉

  6. I can see we are going to get along famously with your thoughtful contributions.Incidentally, did Mr Squiggle get dumped by the thought police? That was very dodgy with the hand holding. And the pencil was way overboard.

  7. Thank you for visiting petermcc. I think Mr Squiggle probably ended up with the golliwogs and Noddy in a house of political incorrectness.

  8. I must reveal that I have located the last known habitat of the golliwog. The Horsham Show. I didn't blog about it in case it released an "Intervention" on the good citizens of this town.Don't tell anyone!!

  9. Whoa…the Horsham show….the last bastion of politically incorrectness……I will keep it all a secret.


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