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Good Laws and Bad Laws

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The Bucket has a proud albeit short history of providing solutions to some of the worlds most perplexing problems.

Bad Law;    The Ladies Professional Golf Association in the USA has allegedly passed a law requiring all competitors on the circuit to possess English language skills.  Those already playing will have 2 years in which to learn the language.  The law has apparently been drawn up to appease sponsors who feel they are not getting value for money during interviews and promotions with the increasing number of successful Korean women playing the US circuit.

Good Law;  It is mandatory for women participating in International Beach Volleyball competitions to wear bikinis.
Undeniably, unquestionably a very, very good law.

Recommendation;   The L.P.G.A. should without further delay abandon its discriminatory proposal, and insist on bikinis being worn by all competitors during all golfing tournaments.  Likewise, each players caddy should  be of similar stature and wearing matching attire, so we can easily identify who belongs to whom. Television viewership will quadruple overnight.  It will attract on-course crowds eager to obtain a finer understanding of this truly great sport.  Sponsors will be delighted.

And GOF's miserable little world will be a little brighter.

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  1. You sure about this? Some of the ladies on the circuit are Snowy's shape. And Snowy in a bikini would definitely turn viewers off in a blink.

  2. They are not EXACTLY Snowy's shape. (to my knowledge;-) I am prepared to declare myself non discriminatory of architecture or mass when it comes to the ladies of the world.


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