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Third world guilt

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Until relatively recent times, England was the major colonial influence throughout the world, and especially in Africa where many countries were under its administration.  
With the benefit of hindsight, the occupation and eventual handover to self-government and independence of these nations could have been better managed to avoid a lot of the resultant chaos we have seen since.

During the 1980's I read in a very reputable journal, that there were organised tours for women of the UK travelling to the west coast of Africa, during which, along with sightseeing, and contributing to local economies, they would do some bonking of men of colour in order to (quoting the magazine) " purge their third world guilt."

Well, I personally have been worried for a very long time about the historical mistreatment of South Americans by invading Europeans.
In particular the Portugese in Brazil, and specifically in Rio deJaneiro.
I am condemned to live the remainder of my life with a constant all-pervading fear and terror that I might accidentally discover historical evidence indicating some Portugese dilution of my primarily Scottish bloodline.   How could I ever ease my contrition.


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