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Anatomical discrimination

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Advertising in all its varied forms has the ability to evoke a wide spectrum of emotional responses within us.
Anger at the discovery of a mailbox crammed full with promotional material or of politicians overtly lying to us pre- election.
Sadness at the plight of orphans around the world who need our help.
Inquisitiveness….do middle aged people really buy that overpriced piece of gymnasium equipment expecting to look like the 20 year old athletes who advertise it.
Do women really buy a small jar of creme for $100 in the expectation of looking 10 years younger.  Ladies, you look beautiful without it….just find some real friends who will remind you….they are free of charge.
Sometimes television advertising provides memorable cinematography.  An advertisement many years ago for BP involved a Boeing 747 seemingly landing at a truck stop/service station in the middle of the Australian outback.  And a Qantas aircraft, the flying kangaroo, morphed from the exquisite videography of a bird flying low across wetlands, wingtips rippling the mirrored surface of the water. And if I dig really really deeply into my memory bank I can recall a 19 year old Elle Macpherson strutting her thinly veiled magnificence along the beach.  It was a performance destined to take her to supermodeldom, and cause old men, young men and some very naughty boys to dream of things that had nothing to do with the product she was advertising.

Some other advertisements are relegated to my miscellaneous file until such time as I can understand the subject matter.

Sandwich board on the footpath informs me;

Full legs wax              $40
Brazilian                     $35

I am still trying to get my head around this. (please do not misconstrue this honest quest for knowledge)
Whats with the inequity?

I am trying to understand by drawing comparisons to some other field of human endeavour with which I am familiar.  I would be happy operating a garden maintenance business, and my lawn mowing fees would be based on acreage, terrain, and time taken.

Returning to the waxing conundrum, surely, given the base price of $40 for items 1, then item 2 should cost, on a pro rata acreage basis, no more than $2 or 2.70.  Perhaps some sort of bulk discount applies to Items 1, given that there are normally 2 of them and only one of the other.
Maybe there are additional financial loadings for the Brazilian operation, including (like some Olympic events), degree of difficulty, artistry, and a steady hand.
I also have no difficulty understanding that getting suitable garden equipment into a small suburban frontyard might involve some unforseen expenses.
Are there similarly some difficulties encountered with site access for the Brazilian operation which account for the disproportionate cost?

The whole business seems unnecessarily shrouded in mystery.  In the public interest, consumers obviously need a dedicated advocate who is prepared to get to the bottom and provide some transparency.  It is my selfless proposal to conduct random surveys, armed with theodolite, chain, compass, slide rule,  (those born before 1970 will understand) interrogative technique, and a hidden gof-cam to determine if any blatant overcharging is occurring within this industry.

(Ed;  The Bucket is presently accepting cash donations to accompany GOFs bail application and ongoing legal counsel.
He may be absent for an extended period.)

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Silly old fool. I have no idea what you're on about. Everyone knows that the extra charge for Brazilian women is because they have hairier legs than others.Um, you did say you have over 2,000 Elle pics? Yes, I do think out of consideration for your wife you should get rid of them and store them on here. Not that I'll be looking at them, of course. Bad for the blood pressure, you know…

  2. OK, They will be just for you and me to know about, because we value them for their artistic merit and as important historical documents.

  3. Re: 'Brazilian' – If we want to use the lawn metaphor to explain the cunundrum, thinkof it as one lawn requiring extra special care, and thus costs more to 'mow.'
    "Ladies, you look beautiful without it….just find some real friends who will remind you….they are free of charge."
    Now, that comment is worth it's weight in gold.
    : ) Thanks for the add

  4. Thank you for the explanation….I now understand.I was harbouring some doubt as to Snowy's real knowledge and experience of the subject matter. 🙂


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