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Like most in our affluent society I have acquired more than my fair share of material items.  Most are not necessary for my survival, and indeed they have inevitably complicated my life.
Many years ago I met a farmer who had inherited a productive farm from his parents some 30 years previously, but through ineptitude and sloth he had let the whole establishment, including the family home, fall into ruin.  His philosophy was that if the roof over his bed did not leak, then his universe was OK.
I am unable to subscribe to that sort of simplicity, yet I have come to appreciate that often the least expensive things can give the greatest lasting happiness.

GOF employs himself because his personality tends to make him an unendearing liability, and general pain in the arse to other employers.  He happily mooches around by himself propagating and nurturing little plants until someone buys a few to make the earth a little greener.   GOF, his employer, his customers,his bank manager, and the planet all seem to be happy with this arrangement.

But, (returning to the first person….can I do this like a key change in music, or is it totally unacceptable literary behaviour?), I have had an almost constant companion for the past 20 years, and all for the operational cost of a single AA battery each 3 months..

It has been my companion through a couple of difficult times.  In 2006 cyclone Larry isolated us from the rest of the world for 7 days. My radio told me help was on its way, and made me thankful to have been spared some of the storms fury, and sympathetic to those who suffered total loss of their livelihoods and possessions.
Because of Australia's wonderful commercial-free Government broadcasting system my little radio is mostly full of really good things.  Intelligent discussion with entertaining and educational people.  And Margaret Throsby is in there too……the world possibly does not have a finer interviewer, and she and her guests provide me with great joy every day.
Even though I am light years removed from their demographic, there are times when I enjoy the frivolity and raw enthusiasm of TripleJ youth/young adult radio.
Additionally, all the works of the great composers, philharmonic orchestras of the world in stereophonic splendour, comedians, choirs, singers and philosophers find space to co-exist in my little radio.   It is a wonderful little world in there.

Thank you so much Mr Sony.

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"Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends upon what you put into it." (Tom Lehrer)

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  1. Good post, and one which echoes my sentiments regarding the ABC. For a while during the Howard years I thought it might succumb to commercial interests, but thankfully no. We must be on pretty much the same wavelength as the ABC features in future Friday Night Philosophy posts also. What a treasure it is.

  2. I look forward as usual to your Friday night philosophy.


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